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Comin’ back from Cali: Wetwerks.

VINYL FRONTIER: There’s a diamond in our midst, a pearl amid the swine of the music industry, if you will, in the form of Coxsackie-based label Sundazed Music. They’ve been around since 1989, putting out quality albums by the finest bands of the garage, surf, rockabilly, pop, country, jazz, blues, and just plain shit you don’t know but should, variety.

Working as detectives and archivists, the folks at Sundazed deal mostly in ’60s reissues, compilations and previously unreleased material—available as 7”s, vinyl LPs (180 grams, baby) and CDs—with their catalog based mainly in the music-made-when-I-was-still-playing-Candyland category. These music lovers search the ends of the Earth for rights to choice artists or songs, and mine for lost recordings.

But lately the work is coming to them. Former Uncle Tupelo manger Tony Margherita is a fan of the label, and he sought it out to release a vinyl-only version of the alt-country darlings’ recent album 89/93: An Anthology—which came out last month with two tracks not found on the CD. Sundazed is also planning on releasing a limited-run vinyl version (only a CD has been released thus far) of Wilco’s newest, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, which will come out along with the vinyl releases of Dylan’s Blond on Blond (2 LPs), Jefferson Airplane’s Surrealistic Pillow and the Byrds’ Columbia Singles Collection ’65-’67 (2 LPs).

As if that weren’t enough for fans of the No Depression revolution, Sundazed will also release the first three original Uncle Tupelo albums on vinyl, out of print and fetching quite a fee on eBay, with Sony issuing the CD versions.

WHERE THERE’S SMOKE THEY’RE FIRED: Four years after their inception, Second Hand Smoke have called it quits. The break-up is an amicable one, we’re told, as the bandmates simply want to pursue other interests and challenges. They wish to thank their fans “for the memories, the Mardi Gras beads and the hearing loss.”

LIKE FINE WINE: Virtual claps on the backs to local metal band China White, who have been a going concern for 20 years. To do anything for 20 years is commendable (except, perhaps, to molest kittens), but to rock as hard and steadfastly as these guys do for that long definitely deserves an honorable mention, and another honorable mention, and a semi-honorable mention down the line. Anyhow, China White celebrated their longevity a few weeks back with a show at Valentine’s. Here’s to 20 more, guys.

IN THE STU-STU-STUDIO: John Brodeur and the Suggestions will release their first work on July 2, a 500 copy EP, Mix Tape, which will feature seven new songs, recorded at various studios earlier this year. It will be available through the band’s Web site,, and at their live shows—of which there will be plenty in support of the CD, taking them from Los Angeles to Ypsilanti, Mich. . . . Electronic rockers Wetwerks have recently returned from Los Angeles, where they were working on their newest project with Filter and Rollins Band producer Rae Dileo. The band will release a five-song EP in July, and will debut some of their new material at the upcoming EDGEfest. . . . Knotworking are working. They’re recording their third CD in July, with Frank Moscowitz producing.

—Kate Sipher

Got Rough Mix items? Contact Kate Sipher at 463-2500, ext. 145, or

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