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Bob Mould, Chris Brokaw
Iron Horse Music Hall, Northampton, Mass., Thursday

Bob Mould released two CD excursions into electronica this year, Modulate and Loud Bomb. The former is guitar-driven, while the latter is synthecentric—but, word is, you shouldn’t expect to hear much of any of this material at the Iron Horse tonight (Thursday). On this tour, Mould is featuring songs from his earlier solo work, as well as a healthy dose of vintage nuggets from his days in Sugar and Hüsker Dü. Then again, it doesn’t pay to predict anything that the multitalented and eclectic singer and songwriter does—but whether the sound is gently acoustic or abrasively electric, Mould will be wearing his heart, and spleen, on his sleeve. Chris Brokaw, of the Boston-based band Come, will open. (Oct. 31, 7 PM, $23, $20 advance, 800-THE-TICK)

The Bisserov Sisters
WAMC Performing Arts Studio, Friday

The Bisserov Sisters—Lyubimka, Mitra and Neda—are from Bulgaria. Specifically, the village of Pirin in the mountains southwest of Sofia, the capital. They started off as kids in the ’60s and ’70s, singing in their hometown style with its beautiful, complex harmonies and odd meters and rhythms. Word of their virtuosity reached the big town, however, and soon they were hitting the old Iron Curtain circuit as Bulgaria’s musical ambassadors, making their official debut at a 1978 music festival in Cuba. The fall of said Iron Curtain allowed the Bisserovs to really branch out; more recently they’ve been featured in the Peter Gabriel-inspired WOMAD festivals. As the unnamed scribe who wrote the bio for their WOMAD 2002 appearances marveled, “You’ll find yourself booking an appointment with your ear doctor to make sure some mutant alien force hasn’t taken over your listening faculties.” Besides, Kate Bush is a big fan—that ought to be enough for you. (Nov. 1, 8 PM, $12, 800-323-9262 ext. 4)

Hello From Waveland, Marlow and Devon Greenwood, Thick
Valentine’s, Friday

We almost hate to call atten-tion to it, but a slew of our favorite bands are making their most regular appearances in the press kits of newer, much younger bands as influences. So, the bad news is, we’re old; the good news is that some of these whippersnappers have the good sense to respect their elders by biting styles direct from our own record collections (yes, record collections). The Replacements, the Posies, R.E.M. and Hüsker Dü all are cited by Seattle-based (anybody remember Seattle?) “vintage pop” outfit Hello From Waveland. So if you, like us oldsters, “look back to the good old days of indie rock before ‘alternative’ became a marketing strategy,” Hello From Waveland have got your back—and, apparently, a key to our apartment. Also, Marlow (Todd Pasternack of Ominous Seapods) and Devon Greenwood (who has toured with former Grateful Dead vocalist Donna Godchaux) will perform as a duo in celebration of the release of their CDs (the two previously played together as part of the Lo Faber band); Thick are also on the bill. (Nov. 1, 9 PM, $5, 432-6572)

Troy Pub &Brewery, Thursday
E. O’ Dwyers, Saturday


Local band sirsy are holding a CD-release mini-tour of sorts. They began celebrating the release of their second long-player, Away From Here, with a listening party last week, and their celebratory live shows commence tonight (Thursday) at the Troy Pub & Brewery. Helmed by the sensually throaty singer Melanie Krahmer, Sirsy have been creating a buzz recently, as the hard-working funk-pop ensemble’s daunting schedule has earned them a large helping of fans. The band began as the acoustic duo of Krahmer and Rich Libutti—also known as an engineer and producer on many a local recording—who had performed together in cover band luckymartin. Sirsy are a full-blown band now, completed by guitarist Chris Decker and drummer Greg Nash (Libutti mans the bass), and they recently, very recently, won CBGB’s Battle of the Bands. Along with tonight’s gig, the band will play Saturday at E. O’ Dwyers in Saratoga, as well as a show at FYE in Crossgates Mall Saturday (2 PM) and one at the FYE in Colonie Center on Sunday (2 PM). (Oct. 31, 8 PM, 273-2337; Nov. 2, 10:30 PM, 583-9912)

Richard Thompson
The Egg, Sunday

Legends, sadly, are often best experienced in legend: It’s a good thing for the reputation of John Henry, for example, that he ain’t driving steel these days—somebody would inevitably find fault with his technique. Every now and then, though, someone lives up to the hype. If you’re a fan of singer-songwriters, of guitar players, of British Isles folk, or of folk-rock in general, you’ve heard Richard Thompson spoken of in tones that could only be called reverential. And, in this rare case, the reverence invites little nitpicking. In the course of a career spanning more than 30 years—from his work with the seminal English folk-rock act Fairport Convention, through his pioneering work in the ’70s with then-wife Linda, to his most recent work (too varied to be easily typified), Thompson has continued to shore up his rep and win converts. On Sunday, you’ll have a chance to see Thompson up close and personal in a solo acoustic performance, just as nature intended. (Nov. 3, 7 PM, $24, 473-1845)

Biohazard, Death Threat, Sworn Enemy, Brand New Sin
Saratoga Winners, Sunday

“Out of a love of hardcore and an instinct for escaping the streets,” it is claimed on the band’s Web site, is the reason Biohazard started doing their thing back in 1988. Biohazard were one of the first bands to fuse hardcore with rap and now, more than a decade later, they’re still at it. The band’s sixth studio album, Uncivilazation, enlists the aid of Phil Anselmo of Pantera, Sen Dog of Cypress Hill, Peter Steele of Type O Negative, Roger Miret of Agnostic Front and various members of Sepultura, among others. Of the release, Metal Edge writes, “Sure there are rap vocals, but there are metal cries that hit like nails digging into your back, compelling hip-hop hooks, as well as punk and hardcore anarchy to the third power. Uncivilazation is clearly here to deprogram the damage all the knockoffs have done.” Biohazard are joined on Sunday by Death Threat, Sworn Enemy and Brand New Sin. (Nov. 3, 8 PM, $13 advance, $15 door, 783-1010)

 also noted
We’re devoting this section to Halloween revelry. In fact, if you can guess the Halloween costumes worn by the Erotics, you will win a trip to see the self-proclaimed “Man-Whores” (not free of charge, mind you), tonight (Thursday) at Albany’s Power Company; they’ll be joined by the Bufftones (8 PM, $5, 465-2556). . . . Niki Lee joins the Lawn Sausages to celebrate All Hallow’s Eve tonight at Artie’s Lansingburgh Station. Out- costume the Sausages, and you get in for free—actually, everyone gets in for free, but dress up anyway, will ya? (9 PM, 238-2788). . . . Moe. will play a Halloween show tonight at the RPI Fieldhouse—which will be transformed into Moe’s Place from The Simpsons. Their request: Cross your favorite Simpsons character with any part of a moe. song and you win some tickets to something; Particle will open (7 PM, $25, $17 RPI students, 476-1000). . . . Arc and Super 400 will ring in the holiday at Savannah’s tonight (10 PM, 426-9647). . . . Local supergroup Wood (Michael Eck, Mitch Elrod, Albie and MotherJudge), Bryan Thomas, Erin Harkes and A.C. Everson will host a Halloween party at Saratoga establishment Bailey’s (8 PM, 583-6060). . . . Kitty Little will host at CD-release/Halloween show at Valentine’s tonight [see Listen Here, page 32]. . . . And finally, tomorrow (Friday) at Valentine’s, it’s the Halloween Show Part 2, featuring Funkshop Loomis, Constant Elevation and the Bufftones. Best costume wins you a year’s worth of admission to each and every show at the club (8 PM, $7, 432-6572).

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