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  Volume 26 - Number 2- Jan. 9, 2003

Eyes on the Prize
By Glenn Weiser

A recently uncovered energy-policy report from April 2001 suggests that the Bush administration has been plotting action against Iraq since well before 9/11—and that the motivation is oil

Visualize World Peace ...Somewhere Else
By Nancy Guerin

Crossgates Mall bounces holiday shoppers for wearing T-shirts with “offensive” messages like “Peace on Earth”

You Can’t Do That Here
By Travis Durfee

Cities pass resolutions not to cooperate with federal investigations based on ethnicity or beliefs

Brother, Can You Spare a Nickel?
By Travis Durfee

With a $10 billion budget gap looming, some say New York state should expand its returnable-containers law

Don’t Leave Us Out in the Cold
By David Riley

At the People’s State of the State, advocates urge governor not to take New York’s fiscal crisis out on the poor

Calling All Arabs
By Nancy Guerin

Alien Middle Easterners required to register with the INS fear detention and deportation

Savage Love
By Dan Savage

If Dan Savage won't answer your weird, disgusting, perverted, embarrassing questions about sex, perhaps you'd best keep them to yourself.


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