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IT’S JUST A FLESH WOUND: Acoustic Trauma have unveiled their new Web site,, and its chock full of traumatic information. Yes, it’s got the press clips, the bio, the news, the photos, the links, but there’s also the World Trauma section—“devoted to all kinds of information pertaining to people, organizations and institutions that make our lives in Albany, NY enjoyable and exciting!” You know, little gems around the area that not everybody is hip to. It’s a service (and it’s not yet up on the site, but it’s sure to be coming soon). They’ve also got pictures of their ripping parties, usually taking place at the Trauma House. (Did you ever notice that it’s impossible to take a photograph of someone completely loaded without them looking completely loaded? Just an aside.)

The folk-influenced “aggressive progressive”—as Metroland scribe J. Eric Smith has referred to the band—ensemble have a pantload of things going on this summer. They’re playing all over hell’s half acre, including a Medieval Rock Wedding (it’s private, sorry), and a Rock N Roll Pig Roast. Regarding the marital stuff, the Trauma will play your wedding—in full medieval attire if you wish. Oh, and look for their new release, Nightmares in the Labyrinth in late summer.

WHAT ME WORRY? I READ SCREED: The second issue of Screed is set to hit the stands on June 21, and make sure you get to the stand nearest you early, as the last issue disappeared as fast as ice cream at day camp. The magazine is a project of Miss Mary’s Art Space, a nonprofit arts organization that once lived on New Scotland Avenue a couple doors down from Ralph’s. They’re looking for new digs, and there’s a legion of volunteers to help raise some funds—and Screed is one way they do that.

Screed is free of charge, but the folks behind the effort hope that its existence will raise awareness about the flourishing scene that Miss Mary’s helps foster—and may attract a donation or two. It’s filled with prose, poetry and art—and it also comes with a CD. Screed welcomes submissions, but as we’re a little late in getting this info out, the deadline is fast approaching: It’s June 9. Send materials (keep in mind it’s all in black and white) to: Laura Koennecke, 59 Irving St., Albany, NY 12202. This issue will also have personals and classifieds, run free of charge. Remember though, they accept donations gracefully.

The CD that ran in the first Screed was the shit—each and every song on the 22-track release rocked, and much of our area’s music scene was represented. To be included in this one, send your submissions to Matto, c/o Peterwalkee Records, PO Box 14794, Albany, NY 12212.

DEAR SCABBY: Well, who’da thunk it? The EroticsMike Trash with his own advice column. Yep, it’s true. It’s called Trash Talk: “The advice that no one else has the balls to give you,” and the glam king can be found bestowing his knowledge on inquiring minds at Just send him an e-mail about whatever’s on your mind, and he’ll set you straight (if straight is what he thinks you should be).

One example: “My co-worker keeps eating egg sandwiches and is always saying phrases like ‘pipe down’ and ‘what the devil.’ He is hated in the office. What is a good way of getting him fired?”

Wanna know what Mike advises? Go to the Web site and see.

In more Erotics news, they’ve joined with Cacophone co-head Jeff Smith to form a record label, and will release their upcoming All That Glitters Is Dead on it—and they’ll perform next Friday (June 13) at Valentine’s in celebration of the release. They’ve also got a song in the film The Unliving directed by film legend Fred Olen Ray, and have a piece in the locally made The Situationist, by Dean Giagni. Check out their Web site, www.eroticrockn for band info.

Dan Neet Photo by Leif Zurmuhlen.

IN THEIR OWN IMAGE: The Clay People are back together, as Dan Neet confirms. The lineup: Neet, Dan Dinsmore (drums), Mike Guzzardi (guitar), Brendan Slater (bass) and new addition Walter Flakus—of Stabbing Westward—on keys. The gang is working on a new record, and they’ll play their first show in a dog’s age on June 26 at Valentine’s.

LICKIN’ UP THE CRUMBS: CRUMBS, the Capital Region Unofficial Musicians and Bands Site, will release a double-CD full of local music, Here We Go Again. It’s their latest effort, a follow up to You Are Here (1999) and You’re Still Here (2001), to support our diverse local-music scene. Go to to submit a song.

BUT YOU KNEW THAT: The Bruise Bros. won the Most Original Band Contest awhile back, and they won themselves some stage time during the Big Day Out at SPAC on July 5.

—Kate Sipher

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