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The African Question

To the Editor:

The article by Earl Ofari Hutchinson [Opinion, July 10] was hard-hitting and on point.

In reading about Bush being in Africa—your paper was the only one in this area that printed such a hardcore, classic commentary about his visit.

The article focused on the major point of Bush sidestepping a formal apology for slavery. If this apology could happen, it could add needed momentum to the whole issue of blacks’ and Africans’ receiving reparations.

So thanks for publishing such a hard-hitting article.

Peter Darryl Slaughter

If Only Bush Had Read Metroland

To the Editor:

I am quite surprised that the Bush administration is now blaming the intelligence services for not getting the Iraq WMD claims right. Also I heard Donald Rumsfeld on C-Span responding to Sen. Pryor (D-Ark.) that he “only recently learned that Iraq’s nuclear threat information was forged.”

Apparently the Deptartment of State and the United Nations had the information, but no one in the Bush inner circle listens to them.

So since we all heard it on WAMC and WRPI, as well as read it in Metroland well before Bush and Rumsfeld say they knew of it, I suggest we mail tapes of local broadcasts and Metroland to them, so the administration will be as well-informed as we are. That way our national intelligence will only be a week older than that of the average Albany household with an FM radio and a chance to pick up a free entertainment paper.

Ivan Vamos

Things That Go Bloom

To the Editor:

Every spring, seeing the city of Albany abloom with a million tulips always makes me forget the difficult winter [“The Secret Life of Plants,” July 10]. And enjoying the beautiful gardens while jogging through Washington Park always makes me forget how much I actually hate exercising. And showing off the beautiful landscaping on display throughout our city to visiting family and friends always makes me proud to live here.

Visitors repeatedly ask me how the city maintains the gardens. And thanks to your story “The Secret Life of Plants,” I now know what to tell them, and whom to thank. Judy Stacey and her cadre of workers and volunteers are to be commended for the incredible job they do making our city beautiful. I, for one, thank them for making my life a little brighter.

Jill Aurora


To the Editor:

I am honored to receive the “Best Local Politician” designation in Metroland [Best of the Capital Region 2003, July 17].

And, I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Metroland for its continuing coverage of important, though maybe not glamorous, issues that affect the lives of people living in the Capital District—such as the Patriot Act and the need for a concerted and united effort by the whole community to combat gun violence in the region.

Dominick Calsolaro
Common Council Member, First Ward

Name That Potato Chip

To the Editor:

I am still enjoying your annual “Best of” issue, taking my time and reading every item. I just came across your reference to Saratoga Winners as having an “inexplicable name.” Perhaps someone has already sent an explanation. Here’s mine, and having been born in the 1930s only a very few miles from that venue, I believe you’ll accept it as the true one. “Saratoga Winners” was the name of a locally made potato chip. If I remember correctly, the product was initially made in my hometown of Cohoes; the operation subsequently moved to the location that now houses the club. The potato chip of that name no longer exists, but the name goes on, although with a much different connotation.

I enjoy reading Metroland each week and I get it from the very friendly news vendor at Coulson’s in Newton Plaza.

Janet S. Fitzgerald

Dogs’ Day

To the Editor:

Thank you Metroland, and writer Jennifer Schulkind, for publicizing the Emerald Acres Adopt-a-Thon [Newsfront, July 17]. The dogs, volunteers, rescue organizations, Emerald Acres owners Wendy and Ron Cookingham, and all the visitors had a grand day on Saturday thanks in part to getting the word out. We are hopeful that a few deserving dogs will have met their forever families on July 19. Apart from any adoptions that may arise from this event, it was truly inspiring to have several Capital District humane groups join together for this day to root for Emerald Acres’ dogs and to encourage people to get involved in rescue efforts.

Spread the word: Don’t breed or buy when shelter dogs die! Thanks again.

Helene Goldberger

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