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Too Much Is Never Enough

To the Editor:

Iím disappointed with ďThe Sex IssueĒ [Feb. 12]. When it comes to politics, religion or health, Metroland presents stories that challenge popular dogma. Why stop when it comes to sex?

Your article about how to discuss kinks with people ended when people all agreed . . . not to talk about their kinks. It was a column about nothing. You printed it.

The sex-laws article would have been great if it had offered more relevant information. Why tell us about Alabama when youíve not told us New York folks how our state defines indecent exposure, lewd conduct or prostitution?

You also printed not one but two articles about forms of sexual addiction. Two stories suggesting that sex is an evil temptation that will spoil our lives is two too many. I know you agree with me in part because in one of them you point out that there has been plenty of media attention to Internet porn addiction yet very little research done. Why didnít that stop you from running another story on it?

One more and Iíll stop. Regarding the story about feminist porn: Can we please stop pretending to even remotely believe the clichť that most porn involves a man forcing a woman with fake breasts to have sex until she finally comes around and likes it? We all know this isnít true. How you ask? Because the average person watches a fair amount of porn. We all know that thereís something for every taste in the really huge back room at Super Video that tons of people rent porn from. Youíll find it arranged by sexual content, not social ideology, though, so there is no feminist section. Maybe it would have been more interesting to talk to feminists who sometimes like to watch women being spanked or dominated by men. I know theyíre out there because one sleeps next to me at night. People whose sexual preferences seem to conflict with their social or political views would be more interesting to read about than the stereotypes youíve laid out for us.

Maybe you can do a new sex issue and pretend this one never happened. Look around Albany and find out some things people would like to know about. Talk to one of the various swingers groups, interview people who have tried group sex for the first time, talk to strippers or their clients, or lingerie models or escorts. Talk to virgins who are sick of being virgins. Talk to people who are sluts and proud of it.

I could write a list or a hundred topics more interesting than the ones you chose without even really thinking too much.

Almost every news story regarding sex takes either a negative or sophomoric approach. Maybe Metroland will take the lead in realizing that their readers might like something more. I assume many of us have sex, some of it not even vanilla. Think of us as your audience.

Dave Thurlow

Whoíve You Been Talking To?

To the Editor:

Mike Brown seems to be out of touch with his constituents [ďCommander, Youíre Fired,Ē Newsfront, Feb. 12]. He didnít return my recent call about his position on property taxes. He suggested we raise the sales tax, which would disproportionately adversely affect his constituency. I wanted to share some information with him and discuss the ramifications of his position, but I was not shown the courtesy of a call back. I am not a constituent, but he knows me, so I was very disappointed at his lack of courtesy and consideration.

Now, he claims heís spoken to hundreds of people in his district that donít know DíAlessandro. Is he suggesting his constituents donít know their beat cop? Donít you read the paper or watch the news? Donít you attend the many public meetings relevant to police issues? I donít know what people heís talking to, but he obviously didnít even talk to Jestin Williams, who is very familiar with DíAlessandro. Mike and Jestin hang out together, work closely togetheróbut they donít talk about police issues? I just donít buy it.

Mike, come on out and talk to your constituents. Youíre clearly out of touch!

Wanda Lubinski

Investigate, Donít Contaminate

To the Editor:

Geraldine Houriganís article, ďOne Half-Life to LiveĒ [Feb. 5], was an excellent piece of investigative reporting. Metroland is to be commended for publishing such important information. It seems the Capital Region has been cursed with the presence of four such Department of Energy facilities. Besides National Lead Industries, there is the Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory, the Peek Street site, and the Kesselring site operation. The common denominator, a well-established nationwide DOE trademark, is that all have contaminated everything in sight with toxic and radioactive materials, with little concern for the health and safety of their employees, who have paid a grievous price.

Why anyone of sound mind would locate these dangerous operations in residential neighborhoods, or even close to American cities, defies comprehension. To compound the problem, the two state agencies chartered to protect public health and safety are nothing short of a sick joke, namely the Department of Health and the Department of Environmental Conservation. In fact, William Kelleher, an ex-DEC employee, alleges that these two agencies, along with the federal Departments of Defense and Energy, worked with NL to cover up exposures to depleted uranium and other contaminants. I can verify Mr. Kelleherís allegation because the same cover-up by the same cabal has been going on at the other three DOE facilities for many years (see http://www.mindspring. com/~kapl/index.html).

Assemblyman Robert Prentiss has called for an investigation of the state and federal agencies involved. Letís make that a criminal investigation to put those responsible for this fiasco in jail, where they belong. There is no excuse for this nonsense and it will not end until the guilty parties see the consequences of their actions and inactions.

Robert G. Stater

Shop Psychology

To the Editor:

I was a regular customer at the downtown Music Shack location [ďRockiní the Suburbs,Ē Newsfront, Dec. 18], at least as regular as would be expected with the amount of consuming I do. At the old location, during the evening hours, one could drive up, park, and walk in. True, you might come in contact with members of the lumpen proletariat on the way in, and this can be disconcerting.

However, when going to purchase an item for my holiday shopping in the vicinity of the new location on Central, at about the same time of day, I found myself stuck in traffic that was not moving. It is very inconvenient. Now, I know that Iím supposed to feel safe when surrounded by middle-class individuals driving two-ton hunks of metal risking life and limb to get back to the suburbs, but it is hard to convince myself of this in my Honda Civic. (At least I wonít be a victim of ďstreet crimeĒ while in my car.) I am not planning to participate in automobile arms by buying a bigger vehicle. It would also be very difficult for people who donít drive to get to this location, but it is assumed that they wouldnít have much money anyway.

While Iím at it, I might as well bring up the parking meters. Are people really going to pay $1 per hour to shop in dollar stores? The problem has not been finding parking on Central Avenue, it has been finding something to buy. On some blocks, every other building is abandoned. Lark Street has expensive restaurants and no parking. I suspect the increased political muscle in that area makes it harder to use it as a cash cow.

Marty Gawoski

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