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Art Beat

THE TELEVISION OF TOMORROW, TODAY: As of 1 PM this very afternoon (Thursday, March 11), WMHT-TV will officially begin digital broadcasts from a new facility in the Helderbergs. If you have one of those newfangled digital TV sets with a digital receiver, or a digital set-top box, you can tune into Digital Channel 34 to get two, count ’em, two programming “streams.” One will carry a digital version of the analog signal currently broadcast on channel 17; the other will be 24-hours-a-day of PBS-supplied high-definition TV. This is all the result of an FCC mandate—though the analog service will eventually go away, that’s a few years down the road. For more information on digital TV, visit the station’s Web site at Just don’t ask me about it, as I have absolutely no freakin’ idea how it works and plan to hold on to my analog Quasar TV until they pry it from my . . . well, you know.

Funny business: D. Jack Solomon’s Funny Paper #53.

EXHIBIT TODAY: The exhibit of D. Jack Solomon’s recent works opened March 2 at Albany Center Galleries, but the reception is today (Thursday, March 11). So, if you hustle on over to the Albany Public Library (161 Washington Ave., Albany) at 5:30 PM, and take the elevator to the second floor, you can check out the art and mingle. Solomon’s work has been praised for its juxtaposition of formal elegance with alternately comic, ironic or absurd imagery. The artist himself will be on hand, naturally, and will take part in an “artist interview” at 6:15 PM. For more information, call 462-4775.

EXHIBIT TOMORROW: Like a bear waking up from a long winter’s nap, the Firlefanz Gallery (292 Lark St., Albany) has reopened after a winter hiatus with an exhibit of 60 new landscape oil paintings by Harry Orlyk. The centerpiece of the show will be 25 paintings Orlyk made on a recent trip to the Caribbean. There will be a reception tomorrow (Friday, March 12) from 5 to 8 PM. If it’s like other Firlefanz receptions, folks will be spilling out the door onto Lark Street. For more information, call 465-5035. (That’s the new gallery phone number, by the way.)

David Halliday’s Satsumas and Mariposa, at the new Haddad Lascano Gallery.

OVERTURE, CURTAINS, LIGHTS: Carrie Haddad—of Hudson’s Carrie Haddad Gallery, of course—has joined forces with Ramon Lascano to open a brand new gallery in Great Barrington, Mass. Called, logically enough, the Haddad Lascano Gallery, it is located at 297 Main St. in Great Barrington, and formally opens its doors on Saturday, March 27, with a reception from 6 to 8 PM. According to the formal announcement, the gallery will feature “contemporary fine art by local artists and artists from nearby regions with an emphasis on painting, sculpture and photography.” And you Hudsonites, don’t worry—the Carrie Haddad Gallery isn’t going anywhere. For more information, call 828-1915.

PAUSE AND REFLECT: The Chapel + Cultural Center (2125 Burdett Ave., Troy) is in the middle of an impressive Lenten lecture series. Every Wednesday during Lent, the C + CC will host a Roman Catholic mass at 5:15 PM, and a meatless supper at 6 PM (bring a dish to pass) followed by a lecture “on a variety of subjects both topical and timely.” C + CC director J. Eric Smith adds, in the press info, “if you are not comfortable with joining in [the mass], please feel free to join us for the potluck supper and speakers.” On March 17, Rev. Imani-Sheila Newsom-Camara will speak on African-American Women in Church and Mission History. On March 24, David M. Carr will discuss The Erotic Word: Sexuality, Spirituality and the Bible. The series will conclude on March 31 with Ursula Goodenough, who will talk about the Sacred Depths of Nature. For more information, call 274-7793.

—Shawn Stone

Alive at 25
Photos by Martin Benjamin

Metroland’s 25th anniversary blowout at the Holiday Inn Turf on Feb. 26 featured (among other things) belly dancers, Jay Yager and the Burners UK, and appearances by a host of former Metroland staff, including (l-r) production manager Doreen Walsh, editor and publisher Peter Iselin, business manager Cheryl Hendricks, and account executive Kathy Chenette.

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