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We All Want the Same Thing

To the Editor:

As electoral board representatives from the SUNY Albany Pride Alliance, we feel it necessary to clarify the several mistakes in your newspaper’s article on our group’s civil marriage event [“With This Sticker, I Thee Wed,” Newsfront, March 25]. We feel that these mistakes are quite significant because they misrepresent our event’s purpose considerably. We were not “‘marrying’ pairs of same-sex students . . . as a demonstration of support for same-sex marriages in New York State.” The use of the term “couples” in the article is also incorrect. Our event was targeted toward everyone. We were not seeking out only same-sex students, and certainly not only same-sex couples. In fact, in none of our advertisements and on none of our posters were the words “same-sex” or “couples” used. Our purpose was to have students and faculty publicly affirm that they recognize marriage as a civil right that should be equally available to all citizens of this country. Additionally, those who took vows acknowledged that the proposed marriage amendment would be the first amendment to the Constitution to limit rights. It was crucial to us that the large number of heterosexual participants be represented, to specifically show that this issue is pertinent to people outside the gay community. The event was well-received and had an impressive turnout. We greatly appreciate the media attention that you provided us with; however, so as not to counteract our success, we needed to point out the inaccuracies in the article.

Kira Brady and Derek Schoonmaker
SUNY Albany Pride Alliance

Ashley Hahn replies:

I misrepresented your event by saying the people “married” were same-sex couples. The use of the word “couple,” however, was not intended to mean a romantic relationship, but rather just pairs of people. Similarly, I never said the participants in the ceremonies were in fact gay, but simply of the same sex. I recognize this misconstrued your intent, and apologize for any resulting confusion.

Where’s Your Tolerance?

To the Editor:

The letter to the editor from Sammie Fantroy Jr. [Letters, April 1] was both offensive and factually incorrect. In a lame attempt at humor, the writer complains about being held up for 30 minutes while disabled passengers are loaded or unloaded. I have used CDTA buses several times and disabled people are loaded and unloaded in much less time than this.

It is disappointing that the writer has so little tolerance for the disabled. Would Metroland print a letter from another ignorant person complaining that there were too many minorities on the bus? I certainly hope you would show better judgment.

William Manion
Fort Edward

A Separate Reality

To the Editor:

To Linda Reeder: Did you not get the gist of my letter to the editor or are you so blinded by ignorance that you didn’t understand it [Letters, April 1]? First and foremost, I happen to live in low-income housing and have a racially mixed son. I was not differentiating between black, white or religious, or anyone for that matter. Price Chopper serves themselves, not the community where I live. If they did, they would carry items that would serve their patrons, which they don’t. They would also hire people that were knowledgeable and professional, which they don’t. Upon walking into the Watervliet store you are confronted by this. It is all too real for us “high class” citizens. It has nothing to do with race, so let’s not make it a racial issue, Ms. Reeder. It has to do with poverty and classism. Let’s call a spade a spade. If you lived closer and had to shop were we do, you might have encountered this. It’s disheartening when filth and despair are the only things on sale there. And let’s not talk about the “good” governor. My friend who is a single mother of two has to quit her job because she cannot get assistance for day care and cannot afford to pay a babysitter. That’s reality for us, Linda, something you might not know about, but Glenmont is a far cry from the economically depressed section of Watervliet we reside in.

Sheri Turton

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