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Read Yellow, Mobius Band, Leisure
The Iron Horse Music Hall, Northampton, Mass., Thursday

Rumor has it that folks have been trash-talking Read Yellow. According to some Boston-area papers, the Amherst-based band have inspired some mean-spirited gossip re: their high-profile opening slots. (Among others, the young band have opened for the Rapture, . . . the Trail of Dead, the Soledad Brothers, and the legendary Mision of Burma.) The easy scapegoat has been the band’s bass player, Michelle Kay—see, the argument goes, a cute chick equals instant music-biz success. Never mind the prima facie silliness of that thought (I mean, Nena was way hotter than Madonna, what good did it do her?), it also totally shortchanges Read Yellow. Critics have responded, not only to the comely Ms. Kay, but to the exuberance and intensity of the band’s Fugazi-inspired noise-pop. So, don’t hate them ’cause they’re pretty. Also on the bill, Mobius Band and Leisure. (May 13, 10 PM, $5, 413-586-8686)

The Frank and Joe Show
The Egg, Friday

If you pick up the new Frank and Joe Show disc, 33 1/3, be sure to check out the liner notes thoroughly: Doing so will verify the tastefulness of the guitar and percussion duo in song selection—they’ve chosen songs by Cole Porter, Harold Arlen and Yip Harburg, Hoagy Carmichael and Rimsky- Korsakov, for example—and it’ll also help you identify those guest vocalists (Dr. John and Jane Monheit). And even more important, you’ll get a totally inexplicable and irrelevant but funny Henny Youngman joke. Why it’s included is anyone’s guess, but it beats reading a six-page list of shout-outs anyday. (May 14, 8:15 PM, $18, 473-1845)

Trinity United Methodist Church, Saturday

Celebrating the 10th anniver-sary of Gloom Records, it’s—in their words—another shitty fest. But seriously, it’s as though local punk and hardcore royalty are holding court on Lark Street this weekend. The big deal is that a reunited Devoid of Faith will be playing with their original lineup, which we’re told is attracting attention of fans as far away as Europe, who may well descend upon Albany for the occasion. The fest will wind through a lineup of more than 10 acts, with styles ranging from ’80s thrash (Cut the Shit) and punk meets protometal (To Hell and Back) to classic hardcore (Dropdead). Also acting out will be the Rites, the Prowl, Close Call, Don Austin, the Shemps, Sick and Tired, Outta Hand and the Jury. And you get a buck off the ticket price with a can of food. (May 15, 4 PM, $10,

Candiria, the Violence Sequence, Held Under, Small Axe
Saratoga Winners, Saturday

It’s face-melting time! Brooklyn-based experimental metal band Candiria are rolling through this weekend for their first area appearance since a heinous accident probably should have killed them all in 2002. Lucky for everyone, they survived and are back making music; the new record, aptly called What Doesn’t Kill You . . ., is due out in July. For now they’re detouring from a tour with Life of Agony to come play two sets in our neck of the woods. Our very own experimentalists, the Violence Sequence (members of Section 8 and Skinless), Small Axe and Held Under, will join Candiria for an evening of thundering prog metal likely to challenge the senses. (May 15, 8 PM, 16+, $11 advance, $13 door, 783-1010)

Northern Lights, Saturday

Ah, the long-lost salad days. Days when Tesla turned out hit after hit. Remember “Love Song,” “Modern Day Cowboy,” “Edison’s Medicine,” and their monster top-10 smash, an acoustic cover of the hippie anthem “Signs”? Those were happy days when “bluesy, no-frills ’70s-style hard-rock” ruled the charts. Then grunge happened, followed by rock’s splintering and the rise of hiphop. While there’s no sense in rowing boats against that current—you know, pining for lost glory and such—tastes have come around sufficiently that Tesla are getting radio play again. Their new album, Into the Now, is attracting new fans. Years of relentless touring seem to be paying off. See Tesla ascendant at Northern Lights on Saturday. Opening will be Podunk, an Austin-based hard-rock band known for the occasional weird cover, like “Love Will Keep Us Together.” Maybe if you remind ’em that Toni Tennille had a birthday this week, they’ll play it. (May 15, 7:30 PM, $25, 371-0012)

Also Noted

In light of all the venues that have been closing or limiting their live-music schedules of late, it’s interesting to see who’s taking up the slack. In the aftermath of the Larkin Lounge axing its entire lineup last week, the popular BUMrock open mic night, hosted by Paddy Kilrain, will now be held at the Van Dyck in Schenectady (7 PM, free, 381-1111). . . . In the new venue category—if it can actually be called a venue, that is—we have Trinity Church on Lark Street. In addition to the above-mentioned “Gloomfest,” they are hosting a show tomorrow (Friday) night featuring Bane, Death Threat, and Once and for All (7:30 PM, $10, $9 with a can of food, 369-8759). . . . Saturday’s big classic-country show at the Pepsi Arena has had a slight change in lineup: Willie Nelson has canceled a few months’ worth of shows, including this one, to have surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome. Sawyer Brown will take his place on the bill, and the Charlie Daniels Band and Marshall Tucker Band will perform as originally scheduled. For those of you who just can’t get enough Willie, refunds are available at the point of purchase (7:30 PM, $34-$54, 476-1000). . . . Garage-rock revivalists the Mooney Suzuki are warming up audiences for their upcoming new album with a show at Pearl Street in Northampton, Mass., on Saturday night. The Sexy Magazines open (8:30 PM, $15, 413-584-0610). . . . Valentine’s hosts an early evening of abrasive indie-rock on Sunday, with Struction, the Wasted, and Rockets and Blue Lights providing the scratch and burn (6 PM, $5, 432-6572). . . . We’re told he was in a band once: The legendary David Byrne plays the showroom at Turning Stone on Monday night (8 PM, $55-$70, 877-833-SHOW). . . . To close on a positive note, the Larkin has kept one thing on its music schedule: Nate Buccieri returns to his regular Wednesday night home this week for another round of piano bar (9 PM, free, 463-5225).

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