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Rough Mix

HOME SWEET HOME: After all the hoopla that occurred at the rehearsal and studio spaces down on Broadway in Albany last summer, John Delehanty is pleased to announce that his recording studio, Scarlet East (which was housed in the space), will open again officially on May 30. The closing of the rehearsal and studio space caused quite the uproar last year, as it left more than 35 bands with nowhere to rehearse, and there were questions about the way the building-code inspectors handled the situation. When the bands were locked out of the space, many were also left with no access to their equipment for a few days. After lots of work getting the place up to code, Delehanty has been granted the permits for reopening. Scarlet East has a Web site coming soon (hopefully in early June, according to Delehanty),, so be on the lookout. For more inform- ation, call 209-8199 or e-mail

EROTIC INDEED: Hasn’t it always been your dream to somehow be featured in a softcore-porn-vampire flick on Cinemax? Well, that dream has come true for local rockers the Erotics: lead singer Mike Trash has informed us that in the beginning scene of Haunting Desires, which has been getting mucho play on the movie channel, there’s an exotic dancer shakin’ her thing at a strip club, and the music to which she’s dancing happens to be the Erotics’ song “Agony and Extacy.” For more information on the band, visit their Web site at On a side note, Trash has recently started writing his very own advice column, in which he dispenses valuable advice on straight guys who get fruity with their friends when they get drunk, and how much methadone is actually too much, among other scintillating topics. This column can be found (and contributed to) at talk.html. All we have to say is, What would Mike Trash do?

’TIS THE SEASON FOR NEW ALBUMS: If you’ve already flipped a couple pages ahead, you’ll see that the Noteworthy section has some CD release announcements, but we wanted to fit in just a few more. . . . For you crazy zydeco-loving peeps, Captain Squeeze & the Zydeco Moshers have just released their most recent effort, Bayou Party Downtown, which boasts titles like “Crawdads in My Bed” and “The Stinkin’ Rose.” The indie-rock-popsters the Sixfifteens just released their rockin’ debut Let’s Not Think About It, which you can pick up at a number of Web sites (like Borders, Amazon, the Orchard, etc.), and of course, at the Sixfifteens shows. Thom Penske of Greenwich Weekly reviewed the album on; he seemed smitten with the endeavor: “Jeff Fox’s guitar playing is absolutely brilliant . . . while Bob Carlton’s lyrics are deep and poetic.” Ed Gorch of knotworking will release a solo album called Coward later this month; we’ll let you know where and when the release party will be when the time comes.

—Kathryn Lurie

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