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Wait, There’s More . . .

To the Editor:

On behalf of the Troy Waterfront Farmers’ Market (TWFM) vendors, I want to extend our great thanks to Metroland and its readership for naming us “Best Farmers’ Market” [“Best Of the Capital Region 2004,” July 22] four out of five years running. We are only as great as the community who supports us.

However, we would like to clarify that though our waterfront market in Hedley Park Place indeed runs May through October, the fare and friendship is actually an all-year occurrence. We merely move to a warmer location in the fall. Starting Nov. 6, you will find us inside the Atrium in downtown Troy. Please check out our Web site,, for directions and more information. Thank you. We look forward to continuing to feed and befriend you all.

Addy Burr
Farm Country Soup
Southfield, Mass.

To the Editor:

As a vendor at the Troy Waterfront Farmers’ Market, I personally would like to thank Metroland for recognizing us as the finest farmers’ market in the region for a fourth straight year.

This is quite a compliment to all the people who make this happen. Only five years old, and to be recognized for four straight years is remarkable.

The term “farmers’ market” has taken on new meaning. Many of our vendors have unique products year-round like fresh baked goods, locally produced meat, specialty soaps and wines, hydroponically grown lettuce and locally grown fruit. I personally produce oyster and shitake mushrooms year-round. Many crafts people vend here also.

I feel I speak for all the people who make this go, from the producers to volunteers at the market, and the board members who put in numerous hours behind the scenes, thank you for recognizing our market.

Gary Wiltbank

You Got a Problem With Arpeggios?

To the Editor:

I hate to say this but I am giving up on Metroland. The stale politics (Nader is done, move on!), the poorly written articles, and the consistently and absolutely shitty concert and CD reviews. Bill Ketzer’s review of the Deep Purple show at SPAC [“Rock Smites Infidels,” Live, Aug. 19] was symbolic of the crap that has predominated your paper for the past few years. It is quite obvious that Mr. Ketzer has a huge chip on his shoulder about Clear Channel Entertainment and the rules of engagement at SPAC. I do as well but we have been beating that dead horse for over two years! If you don’t like it, don’t go! Simple enough!

However, Mr. Ketzer refused to separate his “deeply felt political issues” with the review of the concert. We are forced to read his poorly written political diatribe just to learn about the show. He is clearly wrong when he states that Joe Satriani and his band are “technicians.” Perhaps Mr. Ketzer cannot relax his genius mind long enough to enjoy music without singing. Maybe he should have put his thesaurus away long enough to enjoy Satch and the band. Mr. Ketzer then shows his true problem (jealousy) when he states that the crowd gave Joe and the band the “obligatory blow-job cheer.” What would he think of a crowd giving such applause to John Coltrane for playing as a “technician,” which apparently is his word for talent? What’s the matter, Bill, are you jealous? Please don’t wait for us to applaud you for this bullshit review!

Mr. Editor, do yourself (and the Capital Region) a favor. Send Mr. Ketzer back to journalism school and hire some people who truly love music to review the concerts. Guide them to be objective and honest but positive where possible. There is enough negativity in the world today and we don’t need it tainting something as joyful as music!

Jamie Malcolm

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4th Floor, Albany, NY 12210
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