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Rough Mix
WE’RE FAMOUS, WE’RE FAMOUS Those lovable They Might Be Giants threatened a while back that they were going to write a song about every venue they played on their most recent tour. Skeptics, behold: Though we can’t be sure if their venue-song list is complete, they have included our infamous oddly shaped monstrosity in the Empire State Plaza on their list of honorees. Straight from the Venue Songs section at www.they come the lyrics for the Egg’s new theme song:


The Egg. Exciting and old.

The Egg. You’ll do what you’re told.

The Egg. The Egg. No corners for you.

The Egg. When was it new?

The Egg. There’s nothing to do.

The Egg. The Egg. No corners for you.

Poured concrete flowing into organic shapes,
Carpet, wood trim and some velvet drapes,
Combine to make one perfect place.
>From the outside I am thinking “I’m a number—not a man!”
>From the outside I am thinking “What where they thinking?”
The Egg. Exciting and old.
The Egg. You’ll do what you’re told.
The Egg. The Egg. No corners for you.
No corners for you. No corners for you.

You can listen to the Egg song at; check out the rest of the venue songs list at

WHO YOU GONNA CALL? A new, free service called Word on the Street has popped up in recent weeks that touts itself as “the 518’s most convenient guide to nightlife.” Convenient, it is: To find out what’s going on nightly, call a number and you are greeted by a recording that seems to be updated daily—you’ll be asked to choose between uptown, midtown or downtown Albany, or Troy. Though the event lists aren’t exactly exhaustive as of yet, the voice on the other end of the line will give you all the info you need about the events that are listed—including everything from ladies’ nights to rock shows and open mics to dance parties, with venue names, addresses, costs, drink specials and more. We tested out the number and got information about events at Cheer’s and Sneaky Pete’s when we clicked on uptown Albany; for midtown, the venues included Justin’s, Cafe Hollywood, Valentine’s, the Fuze Box and Waterworks. The number to call is 243-2222. Also, if you want your event to be listed via this service, the recording will give you another number to call where you can leave your information.


IF YOU NEED HELP, HERE I AM If you have music news we should know about, e-mail me at If you have a record you want us to hear, mail it to us at 419 Madison Ave., Albany, NY 12210. If you have a show that you would like to see listed in club dates, e-mail all the pertinant information (venue, address, phone number, time, date, band and lineup information) to calendar@metroland. net, with “attention clubs” in the subject line.

—Kathryn Lurie

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