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Art Murmur

Art Beat

by Shawn Stone October 3, 2012


  MOE WHO?  This seems as direct a way as any to spell out the correct pronunciation of MoHu, as in MoHu Fest, the 10-day-long, Capital Region-plus arts festival that begins tomorrow (Friday, Oct. 5) with ...

Art Beat

by Shawn Stone September 20, 2012


COMING SOON FROM THE NEW YORK STATE WRITERS INSTITUTE  I had a chance to chat with Donald Faulkner of the New York State Writers Institute about their upcoming visiting writers and fall film series recently. ...

Fall Theater & Literary Preview

by The Staff September 14, 2012

 Theater, Comedy & Performance Albany Civic Theater 285 Second Ave., Albany, 462-1297. Nov. 1-18: The Shape of Things. Barrington Stage Company Blatt Performing Arts Center, 36 Linden St. and Mainstage, 30 Union St., Pittsfield, Mass., (413) 236-8888. Sept. 19-Oct. 7 (Blatt): ...

Fall Art & Exhibits Preview

by The Staff September 13, 2012

Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts Route 28, Blue Mountain Lake, 352-7715. Through Sept. 29: Diversity: A Juried Photo Show. Albany Center Gallery 39 Columbia St., Albany, 462-4775. Through Oct. 6: Japanese Influence: Layer & Line. Albany Institute of History & ...

Ruby Anniversary & Fall Dance Preview

by Shawn Stone September 13, 2012


“We’re at the 40th anniversary. It doesn’t seem possible.” It’s been 40 years since Maude Baum was one of a group of enthusiastic young artists who helped create eba, and then went on to found the ...

eba Theater

Fall Film Preview

by Shawn Stone September 13, 2012


Let’s forget the recently ended, thoroughly dismal summer movie season. From the horror in Colorado (which had a genuine effect on film attendance), to the generally dismal parade of actual product, the cinema summer of ...

It Got Better

by Molly Eadie August 2, 2012


Twenty years ago, Jason Gerber played the role of the Street Singer in a production of The Threepenny Opera at RPI. This summer, he performed on national primetime television as a very different character, one ...

Madison Avenue Mural Restoration

by Ann Morrow July 19, 2012


  Cars slowed and drivers leaned out of windows to look at the painters on a scaffold—and at the wall they were painting. So did pedestrians heading around the corner of South Main Street to CVS. ...

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Season Preview: Berkshire Actors Theatre

by James Yeara June 21, 2012


Last summer’s inaugural Berkshire Actors Theatre show, Four Dogs and a Bone by John Patrick Shanley, was that rarest of wonders: a small show in a tiny space by an unknown group that compared favorably ...

Berkshire Museum

A Strong Sample

by Jeremy D. Goodwin June 7, 2012


If one person is able to gain a representative view of a film festival containing 70 films, spanning parts of four days and happening in two municipalities, it’s purely by accident. But for what it’s ...

Making ’Em Laugh On Lark Street

by Katherine Rasmussen June 7, 2012

A selection of local comedians will try to make you “LOL” on Wednesday (June 13) at 9 PM at Elda’s on Lark (205 Lark St., Albany) at the next Laughs on Lark. (Pun intended.) The ...

Art Beat

by Shawn Stone May 24, 2012


UNFORGETTABLE     Last year’s passing of artist-impresario Nadia Trinkala is still deeply felt in the local arts community. Beginning Friday night (May 25) at Troy Night Out, the Fulton Street Gallery (408 Fulton St., Troy) is ...

Fulton Street Gallery

The Secret Lives of Birds

by Darryl McGrath May 24, 2012


  Nature typically grants a species a couple million years on earth, but when you consider all that humans have done to birds in just the last couple of centuries, you wish you could push a ...

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Remain In Light

by Ann Morrow May 10, 2012


It was gray and drizzly on the afternoon of May 8, yet the interior of the Irish American Heritage Museum in Albany glowed with a supernal radiance. It emanated from the gallery walls, which were ...

Irish American Heritage Museum

Art Beat

by Shawn Stone April 26, 2012


DON’T TRY THE COBBLER  The big news this week is the opening of the regional premiere of Yasmina Reza’s hit comedy God of Carnage at Capital Repertory Theatre (111 N. Peal St., Albany). It’s been ...

Capital Repertory Theatre

Art Beat

by Shawn Stone April 18, 2012


RETURN ENGAGEMENT Choreographers Wally Cardona and Jennifer Lacey first performed TOOL IS LOOT in EMPAC’s Studio 2 as a work-in-progress in June 2011. This weekend, with Jonathan Bepler, they return to perform the finished work ...

Art Beat

by Shawn Stone March 22, 2012

Art Beat Metroland has, in the past, sung the praises of Troy’s Gasholder Building, a 19th-century brick industrial monstrosity that has hosted some very interesting music and dance events over the last decade. This weekend, experimental ...

Gorgeous George

by Ann Morrow February 16, 2012


He was, in his day, bigger than Madonna or Gaga, bigger than the Beatles or Beiber fever, bigger than all the crowned heads of Europe put together (c’mon, how many people could pick King Louis ...

Albany Institute of History & Art

Harnessing Vertical Dance

by Elyse Beaudoin February 9, 2012

  On Saturday (Feb. 4), a diverse audience laid down on a stage in the Theater at RPI’s EMPAC. Each face in the crowd looked up at choreographer Yves Fauchon, who was perched on a large ...

Best of 2011: Theater

by The Staff January 5, 2012


Critic: James Yeara Best of 2011 1. Crowns Capital Repertory Theatre Crowns was the type of show that created a new community that hummed, swayed, and looked for hats all of its own. This was a show that deserved ...

The Year in Pictures: Arts

by The Staff December 30, 2011

thumb_ARTSp2_3_William Kennedy 3_lz

Local street artist Radical! became nationally known and respected .  The Berkshires/Capital Region Theater Project brought together 50 regional theater professionals for a marathon creative improv session. . A trash-can-painting arts project beautified the Delaware Avenue neighborhood .   Saratoga’s National Museum ...

Artists in Need

by Elyse Beaudoin December 21, 2011


Upstate Artists Guild (UAG), a non-profit organization devoted to bringing artistic culture and education to Albany, is in danger of losing its headquarters. This 800-square-foot gallery on Lark Street is the home base to the ...

The Movie Schedule

by The Staff November 16, 2011

Film Openings Arthur Christmas Animated fun at the North Pole—from Down Under. Opens Wednesday. (PG) Happy Feet Two The penguins are back, and they have to dance their way out of an ice jam. In 3D in ...

The Movie Schedule

by The Staff November 11, 2011

Film Openings Immortals The gods annoint a warrior. Sword-and-sandal epic, in 3D in many theaters. (PG-13) J. Edgar Clint Eastwood directs Leonardo DiCaprio in this dark biopic of the late FBI director. With Naomi Watts. (R) Jack and ...

Return to the Visual

by Shawn Stone November 10, 2011


David Greenberger is best known for, and made his artistic mark with The Duplex Planet. More than a periodical, this legacy of 25 years of “books, recordings and performances of monologues with music” made us ...

Lake George Arts Project