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Missing Links

by Tim Redmond October 8, 2015


  When Sonoma State University professor Carl Jensen started looking into the new media's practice of self-censorship in 1976, the Internet was only a dream and most computers were still big mainframes with whirling tape reels ...

The Five-Year Plan

by Ali Hibbs October 8, 2015

thumb_41 NEWSPIC

  CREDC receives $60 million from the state in 2014 to fund 93 regional economic initiatives The Capital Region’s Regional Economic Development Council (CREDC) submitted a detailed and ambitious plan to state officials on Monday (Oct. 5), ...


The Nightmare Maker

by Ann Morrow October 8, 2015


  “Don’t burn me!” shrieked the victim writhing on a torch-lit altar. As the flames leaped higher, revealing vulture wings and severed heads on poles, the witch cracked her whip—and then slithered over the side of ...

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It’s Safe to Be Paranoid in the United States

by Ali Hibbs October 1, 2015

40 feat pic paranoidTHUMB

  Given the cluttered landscape of the last 14 years, can you even faintly remember the moment when the Berlin Wall came down, the Cold War ended in a stunned silence of shock and triumph in ...

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Leaving the Job Unfinished?

by Ann Morrow October 1, 2015


  General Electric is at the finish line of its sixth and final season of dredging the upper Hudson River for PCPs—and some river community residents are stating that the job isn’t done. About 200 miles ...


Loudon Wainwright III

by B.A. Nilsson October 1, 2015


  “The strangest story ever told/Was how I got to be this old.” That’s the opening couplet from the opening song on Loudon Wainwright III’s 2012 CD release Older Than My Old Man Now. The 69-year-old ...

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Farm to Farm Table

by Caroline Barrett September 24, 2015

thumb_local food pic 1_paul barrett

  Many years ago, I visited a friend in Portland, Ore. You know, the foodie capital of the world. I followed my friend into one restaurant after another, in wide-eyed wonder. This was just as the ...


Life Is Sweet

by B.A. Nilsson September 24, 2015


  You’re surrounded by bees. They move with a purpose, settling on a hive’s landing board abulge with yellow pollen, or clustered on a hive frame to build hexagonal-celled honeycomb, or challenging your wish to be ...


Makin’ It With the Chick Peas

by Ann Morrow September 24, 2015

Jennifer Rittner-Paniccia of 3 Chicks and a P

  “I do love eating hummus," says Jennifer Rittner-Paniccia (pictured) with enthusiasm. And that's how her small-batch hummus business, 3 Chicks and P, began. Featuring a rotating menu of 15 tahini-free flavors made with locally grown ...


Fall Arts Preview

by The Staff September 10, 2015


  Pop Music Bearsville Theater 291 Tinker St., Woodstock, 845-679-4406. Sept. 18: Lord Huron. Sept. 20: Mikal Cronin with Calvin Love. Sept. 23: Houndmouth. Oct. 6: Wood Brothers. Oct. 8: Dave Mason. Oct. 9: Peter Wolf. Oct. 11: Mac ...


Of Artistry and Memory

by Ann Morrow September 10, 2015


  When Regina Borysiewicz was a child in Poland, her father had a German Shepherd dog named Bryton. In 1940, in the middle of the night, the Borysiewicz family was abducted by the Soviet army for ...


Fall Film Preview

by Shawn Stone September 10, 2015


  I knew summer was over when I looked at the movie schedule and realized I was barely aware of the films opening this weekend. “Summer” at the movies starts in May and extends until Hollywood ...


Annual Manual

by The Staff September 3, 2015


  Cheap Eats American The Albany Pump Station, 19 Quackenbush Square, Albany, 447-9000. This downtown Albany brew pub offers a vast array of American fare. The menu features a large offering of soups, salads and sandwiches. Full bar, ...


The Local Bucket List

by Ann Morrow September 3, 2015


  No need to spend all your free time partying, because, though you may not know it yet ye college freshmen (and upper classmen who haven’t ventured beyond the student bars), the Capital Region has lots ...


Dirty Paki Lingerie

by James Yeara September 3, 2015


  Manhattan, Pakistan, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Toronto, London, Turkmenistan, and now Catskill: Aizzah Fatima brings Dirty Paki Lingerie, her globe-hopping one-woman exploration of what is like to be a Muslim, a woman, and an American ...

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Framed in Truth

by James Yeara August 28, 2015

  The moment American interloper Ira Aldridge (the deservedly much-lauded John Douglas Thompson) first meets the much-lauded Victorian actress Ellen Tree (Kelley Curran, star of Shakespeare & Company’s The Comedy of Errors here showing a range ...

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Feeling the Bern

by Ali Hibbs August 27, 2015


  In 2014, a law professor named Zephyr Rain Teachout came out of virtual anonymity during her New York gubernatorial campaign against the better-known and far-better-funded incumbent, Andrew Cuomo, unexpectedly seizing more than 30 percent of ...


No Home for Foam

by Ann Morrow August 27, 2015


  On July 1, New York City’s ban on single-use foam plastic—mostly those ubiquitous polystyrene (popularly, but incorrectly, called Styrofoam) cups, plates, and take-out containers—went into effect, making it the largest locality in the country to ...


Ahead of His Time

by John Nichols August 20, 2015

BOND 1thumb

  At the 1968 Democratic National Convention, after suffering too many setbacks in their drive to bring the ideals of the civil-rights and antiwar movements into their party, the most determined delegates decided to make one ...


Self-Service, Two-Wheel Style

by Ali Hibbs August 20, 2015


  This evening (Thursday), Troy Bike Rescue will hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony for its new bicycle repair station in Troy’s historic Mount Ida neighborhood. Located at 336 Congress St., the “fix-it” station is a bicycle repair ...



by David King August 20, 2015


  What's more frightening? An entire generation too strung out from last night’s foam party to care that the world is turning to shit, or one that is totally aware of all the world’s horrors but ...


The Mind That Doesn’t Mind

by Ali Hibbs August 13, 2015


  Voltaire called it “knowing without thinking.” It helped Alice Walker to write books, Olivia Newton-John to recover after breast cancer and has apparently prevented Ringo Starr from overreacting. Richard Gere says it puts him in ...


Turning Toward Positive

by Stephen Leon August 13, 2015

meg allen_slTHUMB

  By her own admission, Meg Allen was heading down the wrong path, “at a really fast pace.” “I was partying a lot, hanging out at the bars and really living in an unhealthy way,” says Allen, ...

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Invasion of the Blacklegged Ticks

by Ann Morrow August 13, 2015


  You don’t see them, but they’re out there. This invasion, the fast-growing infectious disease in the country, is epidemic in the counties of the Hudson Valley, and recently spread north to Saratoga. The invaders are the ...

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Taking the Waters

by Ann Morrow August 6, 2015


  Several years before Gideon Putnam was even born, an ailing French soldier from Fort Carillon was carried by litter by Native Americans to a sacred spring they called Serachtague, “place of swift waters”—later anglicized to ...