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Feeling the Bern

by Ali Hibbs August 27, 2015


  In 2014, a law professor named Zephyr Rain Teachout came out of virtual anonymity during her New York gubernatorial campaign against the better-known and far-better-funded incumbent, Andrew Cuomo, unexpectedly seizing more than 30 percent of ...


No Home for Foam

by Ann Morrow August 27, 2015


  On July 1, New York City’s ban on single-use foam plastic—mostly those ubiquitous polystyrene (popularly, but incorrectly, called Styrofoam) cups, plates, and take-out containers—went into effect, making it the largest locality in the country to ...


Ahead of His Time

by John Nichols August 20, 2015

BOND 1thumb

  At the 1968 Democratic National Convention, after suffering too many setbacks in their drive to bring the ideals of the civil-rights and antiwar movements into their party, the most determined delegates decided to make one ...


Self-Service, Two-Wheel Style

by Ali Hibbs August 20, 2015


  This evening (Thursday), Troy Bike Rescue will hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony for its new bicycle repair station in Troy’s historic Mount Ida neighborhood. Located at 336 Congress St., the “fix-it” station is a bicycle repair ...



by David King August 20, 2015


  What's more frightening? An entire generation too strung out from last night’s foam party to care that the world is turning to shit, or one that is totally aware of all the world’s horrors but ...


The Mind That Doesn’t Mind

by Ali Hibbs August 13, 2015


  Voltaire called it “knowing without thinking.” It helped Alice Walker to write books, Olivia Newton-John to recover after breast cancer and has apparently prevented Ringo Starr from overreacting. Richard Gere says it puts him in ...


Turning Toward Positive

by Stephen Leon August 13, 2015

meg allen_slTHUMB

  By her own admission, Meg Allen was heading down the wrong path, “at a really fast pace.” “I was partying a lot, hanging out at the bars and really living in an unhealthy way,” says Allen, ...

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Invasion of the Blacklegged Ticks

by Ann Morrow August 13, 2015


  You don’t see them, but they’re out there. This invasion, the fast-growing infectious disease in the country, is epidemic in the counties of the Hudson Valley, and recently spread north to Saratoga. The invaders are the ...

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Taking the Waters

by Ann Morrow August 6, 2015


  Several years before Gideon Putnam was even born, an ailing French soldier from Fort Carillon was carried by litter by Native Americans to a sacred spring they called Serachtague, “place of swift waters”—later anglicized to ...


Cape of Beauty

by B.A. Nilsson August 6, 2015


  Nature is shameless about offering its beauty, leaving it up to us to interpret the aesthetics. It’s easy to take it for granted—to stop looking and to see very little. Joe Schuyler never stopped looking, ...

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Getting to Know You

by Ali Hibbs August 6, 2015


  Neighbors, policemen, sheriff’s officers and local politicians congregated outside on an unusually temperate Tuesday night this week to eat barbecue, enjoy various activities and simply get to know each other. Neighborhood National Night Out activities took ...


An Artist’s Life

by Ann Morrow July 30, 2015


  “Bugs inspire me. Women inspire me. And flowers, and art supplies.” Those might sound like off-the-wall muses for an artist influenced by the old masters of the Renaissance, but for Jon Christopher Gernon, the result ...

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Sharing The Road

by Ali Hibbs July 30, 2015


Albany’s Madison Avenue is going on a diet in 2016. In an attempt to make the well-traveled corridor between Allen and Lark Streets safer for pedestrians, cyclists and motor vehicles, the City of Albany conducted ...


Mother of the Maid

by B.A. Nilsson July 30, 2015


  When Saint Catherine addresses the audience in Jane Anderson’s new play Mother of the Maid, it’s with the easy familiarity of someone versed in the current century’s attitudes. Then she introduces us to Joan of ...

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Best of 2015: Goods & Services

by The Staff July 23, 2015


  Best Woman’s Clothing Store Circles Stuyvesant Plaza, Albany Circles is a dream of a woman’s clothing store. With their spectacular hard-to-find clothing selection, sexy store design and experienced and attentive sales team, Cirles is the place you’ll be ...

Best of 2015: People & Places

by The Staff July 23, 2015


  Best Civil Rights Advocate Angelica Clarke It’s been a big year for civil rights activism, and Albany is lucky to boast more than a handful of dedicated organizers, but the new executive director of the Social Justice ...


Best of 2015: Media

by The Staff July 23, 2015

thumb_best media_zahn

  Best Daily Newspaper The Daily Gazette There is something worth reading in every section of The Daily Gazette. Their local news and sports coverage is solid; their arts section expanded this year with the Thursday Ticket insert, ...


Metroland for Sale

by The Staff July 17, 2015


  HERE'S THE OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE Metroland Ownership Group Seeks Buyer FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 17, 2015 Albany, N.Y.: After 20 years of continuous publication, the current ownership group of Metroland is seeking to retire from publishing and find a ...

Not-So-OK Computer

by The Staff July 16, 2015

thumb_word processor

  Introduction by Stephen Leon The benefits of the vast advancements in technology over the last quarter-century are so ubiquitous that most of us hardly notice them as we go about our day-to-day lives. And I suspect ...

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A Joyful Sound

by Ralph Hammann July 16, 2015


  One of the best seldom-produced musicals, Bells are Ringing, is getting the full bells-and-whistles treatment at the Colonial by the most ridiculously talented cast and crew artistic director Kate Maguire has ever assembled. It is ...

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Team Spirits

by Ali Hibbs July 9, 2015


  “There are the heads and there are the tails,” says John Curtin. “Then there are the hearts. That’s what we want—the good stuff right in the middle.” The batch distillation process they use to isolate and ...

Two Years Later

by Ali Hibbs July 9, 2015


  This Monday marked two years since the highly publicized, massive explosion in Lac-Megantic, Quebec. Forty-seven people died and a community was gutted when 62 cars carrying ultra-flammable Bakken crude oil derailed and ignited in a ...


Drops of Magic

by James Yeara July 9, 2015


  Owen Smith, producing artistic director, gave the best criticism for Park Playhouse’s 27th annual production, this year’s Singin’ in the Rain, a 1983 musical based on the immortal MGM 1952 film of the same name ...

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Better Mate Than Never

by Ali Hibbs July 2, 2015


  Facebook exploded in rainbows—and no little amount of relief—last week when the U.S Supreme Court overturned a portion of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)—defining marriage as a union between one man and one woman—as ...

A Collar and a Dream

by Ann Morrow July 2, 2015


  Based on a collars-and-cuffs company in Troy and penned by one of the greatest wits in American theater, Helen of Troy, New York is a 1923 musical comedy that spoofs the city’s collar industry—while giving ...