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Addled and Elevating

by Ralph Hammann July 2, 2015


  When one first encounters David Adkins as Henry David Thoreau on the Unicorn’s dark stage, he is crowing in discordant concert with a rooster, putting one more in anticipation of Peter Pan than the transcendentalist ...

Berkshire Theatre Group Unicorn Theatre

So Long and Thanks for All the Fish

by Ali Hibbs June 25, 2015


  “This report is shocking,” said Adirondack Council Executive Director William C. Janeway.  “Without immediate action to curb the warming climate, EPA is predicting that all Adirondack trout and salmon populations will be dead within 85 ...

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Riverside Revival

by Ann Morrow June 25, 2015


  It’s not unusual for abandoned but well-designed old structures to settle into a decayed beauty, and an appreciation for weathering and other marks of the march of time has become a design statement that embraces ...

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Hidden History

by Ali Hibbs June 25, 2015


  “Saul Williams is coming? To where? Where the hell is that? This weekend? Of course I want to go!” I love a good random car trip—especially when it’s to somewhere I’ve never been or to experience ...

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Light at the Museum

by Ali Hibbs June 18, 2015


  On Monday, the New York State Museum at the Empire State Plaza announced a plan to spend $14 million over four years to renovate and update 35,000-square-feet of exhibition space. Once complete, the museum will ...

New York State Museum

World Cup Runneth Over With Blood

by Michelle Chen June 18, 2015


  Copyright ©2015 The Nation--distributed by Agence Global While FIFA continues to sink deeper into a mire of scandal, the deepest hell in the world football body’s dominion is reserved for the workers toiling at the sweltering ...

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The Dream Comes Alive

by James Yeara June 18, 2015


  This stage picture--smoke and shadows, iron bars, ropes wrapped around 2-foot-thick wooden beams that soar three stories tall lit only from the pale orange glow of lanterns hung from the beams and a cool violet ...

Barrington Stage Company

Generation Gap

by B.A. Nilsson June 11, 2015


  It’s a confrontation between rival evolutionary biologists; between feminists of different generations with different generational opinions; between a mother and the daughter she gave up for adoption three decades ago. The conflicts cross, of course, from ...

Shakespeare & Company Elayne P. Bernstein Theatre

Sounds of Genius

by Bill Forman June 11, 2015


  Brian Wilson, as he himself has sung, just wasn't made for these times. Or any others, for that matter, which is part of the reason his music has remained so timeless through all of his ...

Moving Backwards

by Ann Morrow June 11, 2015


In the past year, New York communities received $70 million in funding for 68 bike, pedestrian, and trail projects across the state. In the Capital Region, with its many historic and scenic trails that attract ...

Sweet Summer Sounds

by The Staff June 6, 2015


  I Can’t See You Till We Get Inside Summer of ’69 . . . the moon landing (watched it), Chappaquiddick (was obsessed with it), Woodstock (at 15, considered too young to attend). I was at summer ...

Memories You Can Taste

by The Staff June 6, 2015


Lobster Is to Dunk In the '70s, my family spent a few weeks in Cape Cod each summer. My dad was the force behind these trips, driven by his hunts for elusive antiques and his longing ...

Summer Guide

by The Staff June 6, 2015


Event Listings for Music, Dance, Art, Outdoor Fun and much more . . . Pop Music Concerts Bearsville Theater 291 Tinker St., Woodstock, (845) 679-4406, bearsvilletheater.com. June 12: the Paul Green Rock Academy. June 13: Tim Moore. June 18: Chris ...

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The Underdog

by John Nichols May 28, 2015


Copyright © 2015 The Nation—distributed by Agence Global For the first century after the founding of the Grand Old Party in 1854, Republicans dominated the politics of the state of Vermont like no other. For more ...

The Neighborhood Lives On

by Ann Morrow May 28, 2015


Pinned to Mary Paley’s denim jacket is a prized possession: a medal representing a Sicilian-American society for “the Black Madonna,” Maria del Tindari. The South End had several such societies, and a three-day street festival ...

1 comment Grand Street Community Arts

War of Words

by James Yeara May 28, 2015

Barrington Stage Company 2015
By Richard Strand
Directed by Joseph Discher
Photos © Kevin Sprague
David Schramm stars as Major General Butler and Maurice Jones makes his BSC debut as the slave, Shepard Mallory. Also in the cast are Ben Cole and John Hickok.

  “Astonishing,” or some variation or the word, is said frequently by the four characters in Butler, a historical comedy set at the beginning of the American Civil War. It’s also an apt word for how ...

1 comment Barrington Stage Company St. Germain Stage

Fresh, Sustainable, Marketable

by Stephen Leon May 21, 2015


  When Peter Kenyon and Dora Swan began selling fresh seafood at the Delmar Farmers Market in August 2011, “there was no place around that sold fresh, sustainable seafood,” Swan says. “There was no place to ...


The Baker as Artisan

by Ann Morrow May 21, 2015


  “We do everything differently here,” says Naomi Davies, the owner-baker of Bread and Honey café in Pine Hills. “We are the only bakery doing artisan bread in Albany.” One look at the counters in the ...

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Music for the Belly

by Caroline Barrett May 21, 2015


  There's a little hidden gem, down on Central Avenue, have you heard? It's a rather unlikely place to find food like you've never had it before, creative and scrumptious dishes served up with cool flair. ...

The Low Beat

Glitter and Grit

by Shawn Stone May 14, 2015


  “Jones and Barry are doing a show!” 42nd Street begins with a montage of show-biz folks excited that a couple of Broadway producers are back in business. No one in 1933 would be surprised at the ...

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How This Author Is Different

by Sarah Sherman May 14, 2015


  When I ask what her first childhood memory is, she says, “Green shag carpet, bunny wallpaper. Brother singing me to sleep with a song about a land of candy. Beloved nanny with sweet laugh. Mom’s ...


I Want To Ride My Bike

by Ali Hibbs May 14, 2015


  A small group of semi-naked cycling enthusiasts biked through the streets of Troy on Tuesday evening, May 12, in support of alternate modes of transportations and alternative lifestyles. “Essentially the purpose is to bring visibility to ...

Mixed Blessing?

by Ann Morrow May 9, 2015


  For a place of serenity tucked away in one of Albany’s oldest and most secluded areas, Kenwood Convent has had a turbulent time this last decade. The religious complex, home to the Society of the ...

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Show Our Kids the Money

by Ali Hibbs May 9, 2015


  Gov. Andrew Cuomo failed to provide a promised $6 billion to public schools across the state, according to a report released last week by Alliance for a Quality Education, Opportunity Action, and the Public Policy ...

Giving Shelter

by Michael Bielawski May 9, 2015


  It may finally seem almost springlike outside, but the Capital City Rescue Mission on Albany’s South Pearl Street has been having its busiest year ever, in large part due to the extreme cold this winter. “We’ve ...