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History in the Making

by Erin Pihlaja August 28, 2013


The two metal spikes pierce the grassy ground, and with a little wiggling and some help from the weight of her body, Meg McGinty pushes the lawn sign fully into the earth. She stands up, ...

Questions for Albany’s Next Mayor

by Miriam Axel-Lute August 28, 2013


  During the Albany 2030 planning process, one of the things that came across loud and clear in the initial public meetings, but didn’t make it into the plan, was that the people of Albany wanted ...

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

by James Yeara August 22, 2013


  “But you do want to talk to them sometime today on your birthday, even if she is Sheriff Cunt-Fuck of Cunt Fuck City?” says Kali to her husband. Stockholm is a 2007 British hit having its ...

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Flock Together

by Erin Pihlaja August 21, 2013


Dominique, a heritage hen, was one of many different breeds of chickens on show during the Troy Tour de Coop event on Sunday (Aug. 18). Her owners, Anne Marie Haber and Mitch Cohen, hosted one ...

Suburbia’s Deadly Secret

by Jennifer Austin August 21, 2013


  Route 43 in Rensselaer County is a winding rural road that offers scenic views of rolling hills and endless grassy fields, sporadically populated with old farmhouses and single-family homes with landscaped flowerbeds and manicured lawns. ...


Old School

by E.S. Cormac August 15, 2013


A hand-cranked bellows feeds the burning coals oxygen as the fire grows so hot the flames flicker blue. A bar of high carbon steel glows a bright orange under the intense heat. Tongs pick ...

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Name Dropping

by Erin Pihlaja August 15, 2013


  In case you missed it, Albany mayoral candidate Kathy Sheehan’s camp flexed some political muscle last Friday (August 9) when U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) announced that she endorsed Sheehan’s candidacy. At the Ramada Plaza hotel ...

Comedy Is Not Pretty

by B.A. Nilsson August 15, 2013


  A large, ornate picture frame dominates Court Watson’s set for the Glimmerglass Festival’s production of the Verdi’s rarely seen Un giorno di regno, presented in English as King for a Day. Smaller frames periodically fly ...

Glimmerglass Festival

Healing Me Sharply

by Matthew Schniper August 7, 2013


  Put it this way: If acupuncture is snorkeling, then trigger-point dry needling is deep-sea diving. As a regular recipient of both alternative therapies in recent months, I'm more than clear on the difference between a needle ...


Let’s Get Physical

by Molly Eadie August 7, 2013


  What if next time you suit up for a date, you trade your nice shoes for sneakers, dispense with the makeup, skip the wine but grab a water bottle, and fuel up on a granola ...

Calling Moscow

by Molly Eadie August 7, 2013


  Vera Zenina stood in Albany’s Lafayette Park Sunday night (Aug. 4) while cars occasionally drove by, some honking. She held a sign that read, in Russian, “Children 404—We are with you, we support you.” The sign ...

Adirondack Delight

by James Yeara August 1, 2013


  Avenue Q is a musical triumph: a feel-good, laugh-out-loud, surreal hallucination. See it. It’s still playing off-Broadway in Manhattan, where it played on Broadway for six years after starting as an off-Broadway hipster affair. It’s ...

Charles R. Wood Theater


by E.S. Cormac August 1, 2013


  It was supposed to be something so horrible that both Democrats and Republicans in Congress would do anything to avoid it. But when the moment came an agreement on budget cuts could not be met. ...

The Fabulous Sounds

by Metroland Staff July 31, 2013

thumb_Crisis at Valentines_lz

  Let’s be clear: The outlook is anything but. When the Albany Medical Center released its Park South redevelopment plan last week, the block on which Valentine’s sits, at 17 New Scotland Ave., was slated for ...


Best of Good and Services

by The Staff July 25, 2013


  Best Women’s Clothing Store Circles Stuyvesant Plaza Circles is a woman’s-clothing dream. With their spectacular hard-to-find clothing section, sexy store design and experienced and attentive sales team, Circles is a store you’ll be pampered in. Hard-to-find items from ...

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Best Of People and Places

by The Staff July 24, 2013


Best Political Win Andrew Cuomo’s SAFE Act Taking decisive action following the massacre at Sandy Hook, Gov. Cuomo used his political capital to force the Legislature—specifically, the New York State Senate—to pass tough, multifaceted gun control legislation. ...

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Best of Media 2013

by The Staff July 24, 2013


  Best TV News NewsChannel 13 WNYT The overall excellence of NewsChannel 13 makes it the winner, again. And we’re recognizing both news content and technical excellence. Benita Zahn, Jim Kambrich, Jessica Layton and company still do it best. Best ...


Bikers and Joggers, Meet Bulldozers

by E.S. Cormac July 18, 2013


I Maybe you have been jogging on the Corning Trail along Albany’s riverfront. Maybe you’ve taken a bike ride with a close friend or maybe you just sat on one of the many benches to enjoy ...

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Myth and Magic

by Ralph Hammann July 18, 2013


  If you’ve yet to experience the delight that is to be found at the peripatetic Mettawee River Theatre Company, check the schedule on their website (mettawee.org) and find the next outdoor performance of their new ...

The Suspect Is a Young Black Male

by Jeffrey C. Billman July 17, 2013


Source: Orlando Weekly In 1921, July Perry wanted to vote. He wanted his neighbors to vote, too. But he was black, and his neighbors were black. One night, a group of armed whites marched to Perry’s ...

Quitting the Smokestack

by Lindsey Konkel July 10, 2013


Source: Environmental Health News   Tiffany Mellers jogs behind her two daughters as they pedal their bikes along a ribbon of packed sand along Long Island Sound on the Connecticut shoreline. “They are good girls,” Mellers says. ...

It’s the Top

by B.A. Nilsson July 10, 2013

Anything Goes Tour

  “Admit it: you’re nuts about me,” says sassy Reno Sweeney (Rachel York) in the opening scene of Anything Goes. From the moment she enters, she radiates star charisma. And as her character sings and dances ...


The Writing’s On the Wall

by Erin Pihlaja July 10, 2013


  Street art, a genre that includes graffiti, has become, in many cities, a widely accepted and revered form of art that helps to revitalize urban streetscapes. Once merely considered a nuisance and a crime, the ...


by Ralph Hammann July 3, 2013


  The failure of the American Dream is scarily common subject matter these days, and one fears that the latest take on it might be as stale as week-old bread that has not been genetically modified ...

Williamstown Theatre Festival Nikos Stage

Occupy Albany Courthouses

by E.S. Cormac July 3, 2013


  With a series of arrests just one year apart, a group of activists found themselves in two separate courthouses on the same day, and one trial placed all of them on the same side of ...

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