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Have a Good Hair Day

by Cassandra Hamdan January 30, 2014


  “I was interested in makeup since elementary school days. I would play around with my friends’ makeup, so it was a hobby of mine at a young age. I went to college for a semester, ...

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Looking the Part

by Era Bushati January 30, 2014


  Every wedding-minded woman has an idea of what she hopes her wedding dress will look like. Somewhere in a scrapbook made in middle school or on a Pinterest board titled Wedding Dresses, there exists an ...

Look Up in the Sky!

by E.S. Cormac January 23, 2014


    On Dec. 30, six days after the Federal Aviation Administration announced via press release that “Santa Claus, his elfin crew and the Santa One sleigh” were cleared for takeoff for their “annual round-the-world flight,” FAA ...

Nothing Left To Squeeze

by Erin Pihlaja January 23, 2014


“To give you sense of the nature of the need that we’re talking about and the clientele that we’re serving,” said Larry Spring, “this year we’ve seen our attendance in school skyrocket. Not because of ...

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Technology With Heart

by B.A. Nilsson January 23, 2014


  It’s a cinematic spectacle, the kind of theatrical event usually reserved for Cameron Mackintosh-style musical extravaganzas, last seen on the Proctors mainstage in the mammoth Les Miz. But this time it wasn’t a musical—although there’s ...


Detox: One Size Does Not Fit All

by Erin Pihlaja January 16, 2014


It was sometime after the holiday season this year that I started feeling a little, um, jiggly? And slow. And tired. And kind of, how does one say this politely? Backed up. I’m not a health ...


Tough Love

by Molly Eadie January 16, 2014


  You just ran miles uphill only to be dunked into ice water, crawl through dark tunnels and get shocked by live wires. Imagine you've done this voluntarily—for fun and fitness. The Tough Mudder, a 10- to ...

Mind Over Murder

by Josh Potter January 15, 2014


  In the span of about one generation, the practice of meditation has gone from hippy esoterica to self-help industry panacea to the subject of serious medical research at universities and hospitals around the world. Under ...

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Into the Shallow Weeds

by Erin Pihlaja January 9, 2014


    “Twenty states have already started to use it, let's now initiate a program allowing up to 20 hospitals to prescribe medical marijuana and we will monitor the program to evaluate the effectiveness and the feasibility ...

Message to You, Andrew

by The Staff January 8, 2014


  Amid the hubbub of State of the State day at the Capitol, as many as two thousand demonstrators lined a long section of the Empire State Plaza Concourse yesterday (Wednesday) to remind Gov. Andrew Cuomo ...

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The New Guard

by E.S. Cormac January 8, 2014


  Hundreds of people packed into Albany’s Kiernan Plaza on Jan. 1 as Judge Margaret Walsh swore in Kathy Sheehan during an inauguration ceremony that was attended by many state and local dignitaries. She is only ...


by Metroland Staff January 2, 2014


  This (above) is what jam-rockers moe. looked like way back in 2013, when they played the Palace Theatre on Dec. 30. See, we went to press on Tuesday (with a bottle of champagne on every ...

2013: A Progressive Honor Roll

by John Nichols January 2, 2014


  Copyright © 2013 The Nation—distributed by Agence Global This past year was about a lot more than Ted Cruz and the surreal shutdown politics of the Republican right. Across America, grassroots groups, bold unions, inspired activists, ...

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New Year, New Council, New Troubles

by Erin Pihlaja January 2, 2014


  The mood in the Rensselaer County Supreme Court on Troy’s Second Street was peaceful, even celebratory, on Tuesday morning (Dec. 31) for the swearing-in ceremony for seven of the nine total members of the new ...

The Year in Review

by The Staff December 24, 2013


    Obamacare agonistes Passing the Affordable Care Act was torture. Getting it through the courts was torture. Dealing with a massive wave of right-wing, anti-Obamacare propaganda was torture. But those struggles were to be expected. The rollout ...

Lincoln Money Shot

by Shawn Stone December 24, 2013


  Thursday will see a gathering of notable musicians, in formulations old and new, who were popular among the Capital Region "cognoscenti" in the aughts. The lineup is Better Pills (aka Brent Gorton’s current band), Lincoln ...


The Dead List

by The Staff December 24, 2013


  Gone but not forgotten Nelson Mandela, Margaret Thatcher, Hugo Chavez, Ed Koch, Peter O’Toole, Joan Fontaine, Deanna Durbin, James Gandolfini, Lou Reed, George Jones, Roger Ebert, Elmore Leonard, Tom Clancy, Stan Musial, Ken Norton, Pat Summerall. Writers ...

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Local Heroes 2013

by The Staff December 18, 2013


  Vic Christopher, Heather LaVine It’s a little hard to believe that the Charles F. Lucas Confectionery and Wine Bar in downtown Troy has been open for barely a year. Since renovating the historic 2nd Street candy ...


Christmas Bring My Check This Year

by Stephen Leon December 18, 2013


  On a hot day in August 1981, Chris Butler sat in a New York City cab and scratched out lyrics to a new song he and his bandmates were about to record. The band’s indie ...

New Homes, New Hope

by Michael Bielawski December 18, 2013


  Today (Thursday, Dec. 19), Albany Mayor Jerry Jennings will cut the ribbon on 44 newly renovated studio apartments on Trinity Avenue, a project that is part of the Capital City Rescue Mission (259 South Pearl ...

Strong Words From the Vatican

by Sam Pizzigati December 12, 2013


Sometimes you don't have to say anything "new" to make news. Consider the "apostolic exhortation" the Vatican released recently. Pope Francis didn't break any bold new theological ground. But what makes his statement significant is ...

Ready to Rip

by Erin Pihlaja December 12, 2013


“This program has grown from year to year to year. We are bursting at the seams,” says Rev. Deb Jameson. “Programs like this just keep getting bigger. I’m not sure how we're going to be ...


by E.S. Cormac December 12, 2013


  Kim Gordon might not be playing with Sonic Youth, but she has been busy lately. She is currently working on a memoir, just returned playing a music festival in London, and continues to work in ...

Mass Moca

Big Boxes, Low Wages

by Gabriel Thompson December 5, 2013


    Copyright 2013, The Nation, used with permission from Agence Global The call from the temp agency comes in late October. I’ve passed the drug test, cleared the background check, sat down for a quick interview—“Can you ...

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Preserving the Past, Hopefully for the Future

by Erin Pihlaja December 5, 2013


After working closely with perservation experts, the Troy Public Library Board has decided to remove sections of the marble balustrades from the South and West top cornices of the 117-year-old building that houses the main ...