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Food & Drink

A Good Niche

by B.A. Nilsson October 4, 2012


More Perreca’s, 31 North Jay St., Schenectady, 377-9800, perrecasbakery.com. Serving 7 AM-8 PM daily. Cuisine: Italian Entrée price range: $10 (personal pizza) to $20 (Delmonico steak) Ambiance: old-world casual For a long time, it didn’t seem as if there ...

The Hipper Side of the Street

by B.A. Nilsson September 27, 2012


  Santa Fe Restaurant, 52 Broadway, Tivoli, 845-757-4100, santafetivoli.com. Serving dinner 5-9:30 Sun, Tue-Thu, 5-10:30 Fri-Sat. AE, D, MC, V. Cuisine: Southwestern Entrée price range: $14 (Enchiladas tipicos) to $21 (grilled ribeye) Ambiance: colorful, easygoing When I last wrote about ...

Santa Fe Restaurant

Cask to Glass

by Josh Potter September 20, 2012


Here’s a Local Food Issue challenge (don’t worry, it will be fun): Go to your local Price Chopper (this may not work in all neighborhoods, so bear with me). Walk to the refrigerator aisle. Pass ...

Rocking the Boat

by Erin Pihlaja September 17, 2012


Last Thursday night (Sept. 13) was a night to remember, though some parts may have gotten a little blurry. We hosted a little shindig on the Dutch Apple cruise lines and thanks to a little ...

adirondack brewery

Let Them Eat Bacon!

by B.A. Nilsson September 13, 2012

thumb_37foodpic_Bacon Fest_ban

In a perfect world, there would be no bacon. A perfect world, that is, for nutritionists and vegetarians. In a perfect world, there would be bacon galore. A perfect world for those who’ve succumbed to ...


Cafeteria Classics 101

by B.A. Nilsson September 7, 2012


Welcome back to class. As you know, the two volumes of Alcibiades ascribed to Plato are assumed to be spurious, and we’re not about to fight that opinion here except to note that the even ...

Memories and Recipes

by B.A. Nilsson August 30, 2012


It was a scene you’d see near the end of an adventure epic, when the explorers finally break through to the treasure chamber and survey its long-neglected majesty. In this case, it was the kitchen ...

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Counting Your Cantaloupes

by Amy Halloran August 23, 2012


A bearded man in a straw hat, dark pants and suspenders drives his horses under the roof, but no one looks at him, or the boxes of produce on his wagon, yet. All eyes are ...


by B.A. Nilsson August 16, 2012

Marotta’s Bar-Risto, 611 Union St., Schenectady, 377-5100, marottasbar-risto.com. Serving 11:30-10 Mon-Thu, 11:30-11 Fri-Sat. AE, D, MC, V. Cuisine: Italian with pizza Entrée price range: $11 (pasta with meatballs) to $26 (filet mignon) Ambiance: bistro Schenectady has a new restaurant ...

Wake Up and Smell the Yogurt

by B.A. Nilsson August 9, 2012


Whatever happened to breakfast? It was supposed to be the most important meal of the day—according to the staff of the Mayo Clinic, it “refuels your body, jump-starts your day and may even benefit your ...

From These Tiny Grains

by Amy Halloran August 2, 2012


A copper mushroom cap with a tall smokestack on a flatbed: hobbit home? No, a beautiful wood-fired oven, more than six-feet in diameter. Wood smoke laces the morning Maine air, and I keep looking for a ...

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Bet on Breakfast

by B.A. Nilsson July 26, 2012

thumb_Saratoga Breakfast_ban

Trace anything to do with the Saratoga Race Course back to its source and you’ll always bump up against money. Lots of it. So it was that, as thoroughbred racing took hold in this city ...

Best of Food

by The Staff July 19, 2012

thumb_New World Bistro_lz

Best Restaurant Café Capriccio 49 Grand St., Albany It’s easy to take a place like this for granted, but when you visit again (because surely you’ve visited and enjoyed it already) you rediscover the seemingly effortless old-world charm ...


Just Try the Curried Goat Already

by B.A. Nilsson July 12, 2012


Orchid’s Jamaican-American Restaurant, 1113 State St., Schenectady, 952-7182, checkoutorchids.com. Serving 11 AM-10 PM Sun-Thu, 11 AM-2 AM Fri-Sat. MC, V. Cuisine: Jamaican Entrée price range:$6 (chicken with roti) to $15 (snapper with callaloo) Ambiance: capacious For three years, Orchid’s ...

General Tso’s Bistro

by B.A. Nilsson July 5, 2012


Panza’s 28 Tables Restaurant, 17 Maple Ave., Saratoga Springs, 226-0126, 28tables.com. Serving dinner 5-10 Sun-Thu, 6-midnight Fri-Sat. AE, D, MC, V. Cuisine: continental fusion Entrée price range: $14 (short rib burger) to $29 (pan-seared scallops) Ambiance: clubhouse From the ...

Ready, Set, Cook With Beer

by B.A. Nilsson June 28, 2012


Food preparation as a sporting event. It’s a TV-driven trend. It challenges chefs to hit the ground of a gladiator arena and create adrenalin-rushed masterpieces. It promotes the artificial construct of winners and losers. It ...

Small-Town Demand

by B.A. Nilsson June 20, 2012

thumb_25foodpic_Blue Plate_ban

Blue Plate Restaurant, 1 Kinderhook St., Chatham, 392-7711, chathamblueplate.net. Serving dinner 5:30-9 Tue-Thu, 5:30-10:30 Fri-Sat, 5-9 Sun (open Mon from July 2). D, MC, V. Cuisine: nouvelle American comfort Entrée price range: $10 (black bean burger) to ...

Beard-Trained, Berkshire-Grown

by B.A. Nilsson June 13, 2012


Firefly, 71 Church St., Lenox, Mass., 413-637-2700, fireflylenox.com. Serving dinner daily 5-9, open later in summer. AE, D, MC, V. Cuisine: inventive American Entrée price range: $12 (pan-roasted veggie burger) to $28 (grilled tenderloin) Ambiance: handsome and friendly Back ...

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What’s in Your Bowl?

by B.A. Nilsson June 7, 2012


This is about the anti-recipe. It’s about the fresh and colorful bounty now springing up in garden and greenhouse, the provender that this time of year is trucked in from not-so-far. It’s about putting together ...

Pack Your Picnic

by Amy Halloran June 7, 2012

thumb_cole slaw

Summer meals are best taken on the wing, or at least, out of the house. Sure, you can grab Italian mix subs, but Sovrana is only sometimes on the way to your destination. I love ...

Wrap It Up

by B.A. Nilsson May 30, 2012

thumb_22foodpic_Pepper Jack_ban

Pepper Jack’s, 192 North Allen St., Albany, 426-5505, pepprjacksalbany.com. Serving 10-11 Mon-Sat, 10-10 Sun. AE, D, MC, V. Cuisine: sandwiches and more Entrée price range: $5.49 (three-cheese quesadilla) to $8 (several sandwiches) Ambiance: cozy cafeteria For some obscure-to-me reason, ...

Caveman’s Delight

by B.A. Nilsson May 24, 2012


While there’s something satisfying—deeply, primordially satisfying—about food cooking on a grill, it achieves a deeper gustatory beauty when it’s moving slowly in front of the fire. Rotisseries have been around as long as we’ve been ...

Beating the Odds

by B.A. Nilsson May 16, 2012


Katrinella's Bistro, 123 ½ Madison Ave., Albany, 512-5116, katrinellasbistro.com. Serving lunch 11-1:30 Mon-Fri, dinner 4:30-9:30 Mon-Sat. AE, D, MC, V. Cuisine: classic Italian Entrée price range: $9 (pasta marinara) to $19 (salmon piccata) Ambiance: intimate “Lombardo’s is just down ...

Essence of Flavor

by B.A. Nilsson May 10, 2012


Garlic Lover’s Corner, 235 North Greenbush Road, North Greenbush, 283-1621, garlicloverscorner.com. Serving lunch 11-3 Mon-Fri, noon-3 Sat, dinner 4:30-9 Mon-Sat. AE, D, MC, V. Cuisine: Mediterranean Entrée price range: $16 (GLC chicken Alfredo) to $22 (grilled ribeye) Ambiance: ...

Summer Education Guide 2012

by The Staff May 3, 2012

Colleges and Universities Berkshire Community College 1350 West St., Pittsfield, Mass., (413) 499-4660, berkshirecc.edu 343 Main St, Great Barrington, Mass., (413) 236-1630; berkshirecc.edu Full schedule of credit classes available over two summer sessions. Single-day and ongoing community workshops ...