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Rough Mix

by Josh Potter October 31, 2013


  Orange is the New Black It’s been (at least) a two-costume Halloween this year, with most festivities taking place last weekend in advance of tonight’s (Thursday) official masquerade. So make the most of your opportunity to ...

Rough Mix

by Josh Potter October 24, 2013


  Family Reunion It’s been a bit hard to keep up with Sgt. Dunbar and the Hobo Banned this year. The local folk-rock mainstays and B3nson Records torchbearers have been on a prolific campaign to release a ...

Rough Mix

by Josh Potter October 9, 2013


  Happy Valentine’s Good news broke this week regarding the future of venerable Albany rock club Valentine’s. While the building at 17 New Scotland Ave. is still slated for demolition in advance of Albany Med’s Park South ...

Hudson River Heavy

by Josh Potter September 11, 2013


  “I’d love to see this keep on happening,” says Brandon Stosuy, editor of tastemaking music website Pitchfork and author of the site’s metal blog Show No Mercy. “Ten years down the road, people won’t even ...

Rough Mix

by Josh Potter September 4, 2013


  Sharpen Your Ax It’s a big weekend for local music festivals, with Rest Fest and the Albany Riverfront Jazz Festival giving audiences options on either side of the Hudson. Both events feature a mixture of national ...

The Fabulous Sounds

by Metroland Staff July 31, 2013

thumb_Crisis at Valentines_lz

  Let’s be clear: The outlook is anything but. When the Albany Medical Center released its Park South redevelopment plan last week, the block on which Valentine’s sits, at 17 New Scotland Ave., was slated for ...


Best of Music 2013

by Metroland Staff July 24, 2013

thumb_Patrick Porter_jz

  Best Rock Band Wild Adriatic Saratoga quartet Wild Adriatic got a big bump last year from Relix Magazine, who debuted a couple of their videos from Lock and Key. Now they’re off playing big festival bills like ...


Rough Mix

by Josh Potter July 10, 2013


  The Valley of Rising Stars Seth Powell knew exactly what sound he wanted on the sophomore album, A Break in the Weather, from his band the Charlie Watts Riots: “A big, heavy rock sound with pop ...

Chain, Keep Us Together

by Raurri Jennings June 26, 2013


  It is June 14, and the window for interviewing Hand Habits is closing rapidly before the band embark on their first multistate tour from New York through the Midwest. They have been very busy, playing ...

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Rough Mix

by Josh Potter May 22, 2013


  No Pepper As Albany Med slowly blobs its way down New Scotland Avenue, gobbling up any and all businesses in its path—including the fabled Quintessence—Valentine’s Music Hall and Beer Joint stands as one of the last ...


Dancefloor Showdown

by Josh Potter April 4, 2013


It’s been a long, dark winter for the Washington Avenue Armory. Ever since the Barstool Blackout foam party on Oct. 18 of last year, which resulted in a tussle between patrons and Albany police, the ...

Rough Mix

by Josh Potter March 28, 2013


Blue Keynote When you think of major-label record execs, you probably picture a fat white dude in an expensive suit, telling kids to “have a cigar, you’re gonna go far” before rocking James Taylor in their ...

Listeners Welcome Here

by Stephen Leon March 6, 2013

thumb_WEXT-Katie Gorham_jz

A song ends, and a familiar voice enters the radio airspace. In dulcet tones and a mellow, deliberate cadence, Katie Gorham recites the names and performers of the last several songs her listeners heard, occasionally ...


Rough Mix

by Josh Potter March 6, 2013


North Albany Rising News trickled through local online media this week of two new ventures by Chris Pratt and Alessio Depoli, owners of the Barrel Saloon and the Pearl Street Pub. The first will be a ...

Get on a Good Book

by Raurri Jennings February 7, 2013

thumb_The Chronicles_jz

Gathered around a wooden card table in the kitchen of Red Square, the Chronicles are in repose in a few folding chairs. The backdrop of metal countertops and lack of bystanders brings to mind a ...

Big N Tasty

by Josh Potter February 7, 2013

thumb_DJ Element_jz

The San Francisco 49ers may have lost the Super Bowl, but it’s still been a big week for Joe Montana, better known in these parts as DeeJay Element, who spins Friday and Saturday nights at ...

Packing the House

by Josh Potter February 7, 2013


Rock history is full of famous (and infamous) shows on college campuses. The Who’s performance at Leeds University in 1970 became arguably the best live record of all time. And the Grateful Dead are said ...

Everything in its Right Place

by Josh Potter January 31, 2013

thumb_05listenpic_Stellar Young_jz

Drummer Curt Mulick is eager to recount the episode, as he was the only band member present in the audience for singer John Glenn’s first foray into stand-up comedy. “‘Being a musician and a substitute teacher,’” ...

Rough Mix

by Josh Potter January 10, 2013


Love Over Hate Organized by guitarist Matt McWatters and promoter Greg Bell with help from drummer Jim Felter, last weekend’s (Jan.4-5) Rock for Recovery benefit show for the victims of the Newtown school shooting was a ...

Rough Mix

by Josh Potter December 27, 2012


Welcoming the Year of the Snake On Monday (Dec. 31), the Gregorian calendar is prophesied to expire, marking the end of a 365-day cycle and the beginning of an age to be known as 2013. No ...

Gift Guide: Music Books

by David Greenberger December 6, 2012

There are musical biographies and memoirs aplenty this year. Top among them are two books that follow the artistic search and ascendancy of a pair of New Jersey-based acts: Bruce Springsteen and Yo La Tengo. ...

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Out the Trunk

by Raurri Jennings November 1, 2012


There’s a moment in the video for “Marshall Applewhite” where Giant Gorilla Dog Thing (rappers Dood Computer and Dezmatic), Gorilla Tao, and PJ Katz—dressed as Michaelangelo, Leonardo, Raphael, and Donatello of the Teenage Mutant Ninja ...

Nintendo Baroque

by Josh Potter November 1, 2012

thumb_Chaz Buchanan_lz

“When I first told my friends I was doing this, they said, ‘That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard in my life,’” says Chaz Buchanan, an electronic musician who works under the name Puzzle Boys. ...

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Pounding on the Celestial Jukebox

by Josh Potter November 1, 2012

Stream Like You’re Naked When I bought my new computer, Apple gave me a $100 gift card to the App store or iTunes. In lieu of Angry Birds or some other distraction device (Fantasy Football and ...

Rough Mix

by Josh Potter September 20, 2012


Running on Empty Laura Carrozza’s occasional flute parts might be the only element remaining from Aficionado’s original guitar-horn-synth prog-army sound the band used to march through the Albany scene and onto the national stage. Since being ...