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Rough Mix

by Ali Hibbs December 27, 2012


Welcoming the Year of the Snake On Monday (Dec. 31), the Gregorian calendar is prophesied to expire, marking the end of a 365-day cycle and the beginning of an age to be known as 2013. No ...

Gift Guide: Music Books

by David Greenberger December 6, 2012

There are musical biographies and memoirs aplenty this year. Top among them are two books that follow the artistic search and ascendancy of a pair of New Jersey-based acts: Bruce Springsteen and Yo La Tengo. ...

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Out the Trunk

by Raurri Jennings November 1, 2012


There’s a moment in the video for “Marshall Applewhite” where Giant Gorilla Dog Thing (rappers Dood Computer and Dezmatic), Gorilla Tao, and PJ Katz—dressed as Michaelangelo, Leonardo, Raphael, and Donatello of the Teenage Mutant Ninja ...

Nintendo Baroque

by Ali Hibbs November 1, 2012

thumb_Chaz Buchanan_lz

“When I first told my friends I was doing this, they said, ‘That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard in my life,’” says Chaz Buchanan, an electronic musician who works under the name Puzzle Boys. ...

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Pounding on the Celestial Jukebox

by Ali Hibbs November 1, 2012

Stream Like You’re Naked When I bought my new computer, Apple gave me a $100 gift card to the App store or iTunes. In lieu of Angry Birds or some other distraction device (Fantasy Football and ...

Rough Mix

by Ali Hibbs September 20, 2012


Running on Empty Laura Carrozza’s occasional flute parts might be the only element remaining from Aficionado’s original guitar-horn-synth prog-army sound the band used to march through the Albany scene and onto the national stage. Since being ...

Fall Pop Music Preview

by The Staff September 13, 2012


Bearsville Theater 291 Tinker St., Woodstock, (845) 679-446. Sept. 21: Jonathan Edwards. Sept. 28: Larry Campbell and Teresa Williams. Sept. 29: BoDeans. Oct. 5: the Johnny Monster Band. Oct. 6: Birds of Paradox. Oct. 8: Python Soup. ...

Rough Mix

by Ali Hibbs September 7, 2012


Beyond Restoration For all you festivalgoers gearing up for the über-busy weekend, it looks like there’s a chance of rain in the forcast. At this, the B3nson collective are likely rejoicing. After Hurricane Irene sunk the ...

Rough Mix

by Jaired Crofut August 9, 2012


Dawn of the Microfestival “The big thing I learned is not to overbook yourself,” says Shane Frasier, the 26-year-old behind Saturday’s Behemoth Music Festival—Albany at the Hudson River Coffee House.The idea began in 2010 when Frasier ...

Rough Mix

by Ali Hibbs August 2, 2012


Back to the Woodshed Is it a coincidence that the Albany Music Coalition logo looks suspiciuously like the Masonic Square and Compasses—or is it a vast conspiracy by global elites to transform the local music scene ...

Mantra Revolution

by Ali Hibbs July 12, 2012


“I don’t know if you know this,” Gaura Vani tells an audience assembled inside a geodesic dome at the recent Wanderlust Yoga and Music Festival at Stratton Mountain, “but the fabric that this dome is ...


Hilltown Hootenanies

by Ali Hibbs June 14, 2012


Guthrie Center 2 Van Deusenville Road, Great Barrington, Mass., (413)528-1955, guthriecenter.org. “Alice didn’t live in a restaurant. She lived in the church nearby the restaurant,” rambled Arlo Guthrie in “Alice’s Restaurant Massacree,” the song that both helped ...

Down County Social Club

Circus of Sound

by Jeff Nania May 30, 2012


“Said to the river, don’t wanna fight no more. Now the river’s gonna move on out. I said to my baby, don’t wanna lose you no more. Now the river’s gonna move on out.” This ...

Rough Mix

by Ali Hibbs May 24, 2012

Upstate Pride “There’s nothing celestial about Clifton Park,” says Ted Etoll, owner of Step Up Presents and marketing director and talent buyer at the recently rebranded Upstate Concert Hall, describing one of a few reasons it ...

Living Museum

by Ali Hibbs May 16, 2012

thumb_20listenherepic_The Parlor_jz

Eric Krans is down in the streambed outside his Altamont home, tossing rocks from the middle up onto the banks. “It’s only recently that we realized how important this is,” he says. The stream has ...

Salt of the Earth

by Elyse Beaudoin May 10, 2012


Brisk air and cold spattering rain envelopes the porch of Joe Michon-Huneau’s apartment. The lead singer of the post-pop indie rock band Alta Mira is nestled inside the papasan chair in his living room. Meanwhile, ...

Hallowed Ground

by Ann Morrow May 3, 2012

Johnny Thunders, JB Scott's, Albany, NY, 1/30/79

JT 2154

Among music aficionados, there are few thrills more memorable than seeing bands who deserve to be big, that you somehow know are going to be big, and being there just before they become big. A ...


Rough Mix

by Ali Hibbs April 19, 2012


On the MOVE If you’re reading this page, you’ve likely had this conversation. Maybe it was late-night at Valentine’s, raving over a killer, yet poorly attended, set by local band X. Or maybe it was half-drunk ...

From Boom Boom to Bust

by Al Quaglieri April 12, 2012

thumb_WPTR 1965

If you live long enough, eventually you’ll see touchstones of your past vanish, one at a time. You’ll drive by an empty lot where your old home, or shop, or teenage hangout, or dive bar ...

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Rough Mix

by Ali Hibbs March 29, 2012


Swing Low Sweet Chariot It was with great sadness that the Capital Region music community learned of the death of bluesman Ernie Williams last Wednesday (March 21). The 87-year-old suffered a heart attack only days after ...

Men of the Flannel Cloth

by Ali Hibbs March 22, 2012

thumb_12listen pic_Eastbound-Jesus_jz

It’s Friday night, and on one end of Pearl Street, megachurch televangelist Joel Osteen is saving souls at a packed Times Union Center; on the other end, Eastbound Jesus are drinking beer, smoking cigarettes and ...

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Beauty School Dropouts

by Ali Hibbs March 15, 2012

thumb_11listen here_jp

“Recording scenarios are like bicycles,” waxes audio engineer Frank Moscowitz. If the analogy were taken one step further, it would make he and longtime collaborator Seamus McNulty some cross between Lance Armstrong and those guys ...

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Rough Mix

by The Staff March 1, 2012


Two-Track Troy The four members of Girls of Porn—an all-male, acid-punk-experimental band from Albany with no discernable connection to the porn industry—are sitting around the brick-walled lounge of producer Don Fury’s Troy recording studio, showing off ...

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In the Name of Prog

by Raurri Jennings February 23, 2012

thumb_08listenpic_Timbre Coup_jp

In I Heart Huckabees, Dustin Hoffman’s existential detective character is explaining the interconnectedness of all the matter and energy in the universe to Jason Schwartzman using a blanket. He juts his hand through the cloth ...

On the Rise

by The Staff December 29, 2011


DJ TruMastr and Lo-Fi Lobo, two parts of the Beatshot Collective, have been a force in the local hip-hop underground. With electric mandolin in-hand and a course set for the outer spheres, the Disposable Rocket Band ...