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Rest Fest

by Josh Potter September 11, 2013


  Over the past four years, the B3nson Records-helmed Restoration Festival has earned its stripes as an annual musical institution. With hurricane Irene and the loss of their original venue, St. Joseph’s Church in Albany, behind ...


The Black Crowes

by Metroland Staff September 11, 2013

  The summer outdoor concert season at Brewery Ommegang in Cooperstown drew to a close on Sept. 5 courtesy of blues rockers the Black Crowes. The classic brother band ended the second hiatus of their career ...

Gaslight Anthem

by Metroland Staff August 28, 2013


  Frontman Brian Fallon was uncharacteristically quiet between songs back on July 31, when his New Jersey-based punk band the Gaslight Anthem played Upstate Concert Hall. It likely had something to do with the “Bruuuuce” chants ...

Nick Lowe

by Paul Rapp August 28, 2013

  I’ve been telling everyone within earshot how much better Nick Lowe was at Helsinki last week than he was two years ago at the Linda. Then I dug out my review of that show, discovered ...

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Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

by Metroland Staff July 31, 2013


  Will you get a load of that sequined tunic?! Stevie Nicks might be the only only other rocker who can pull off an ensemble like that. And Nicks never shredded a Gibson Flying V, something ...

Bang on a Can

by Metroland Staff July 31, 2013


  Members of the Bang on a Can ensemble took over the North Adams, Mass., bar the Mohawk on  July 24, stepping outside their experimental repertoire to perform Cuban jazz during an impromptu concert. Acclaimed Latin ...

Odd Future

by Joe D. Michon-Huneau July 24, 2013

  “Golf Wang! Golf Wang! Golf Wang!” chanted a hyperactive crowd of mostly white, teenage males. The room was sweltering and those who decided to remain fully clothed were perspiring visibly: White shirts became transparent, dark ...

Americanarama Festival of Music

by Raurri Jennings July 24, 2013

  First of all, the Americanarama Festival of Music may be the worst name for a concert I have ever heard. From here on it will be shortened to AFM, which, although vowelless, has a better ...

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Cold War Kids

by Metroland Staff July 17, 2013


  Unless WEQX had your name on the guest list, you were SOL to see Cold War Kids for their invite-only all-acoustic set July 11 at the Hollow Bar and Kitchen. They’ve been on a world ...

Airborne Toxic Event

by The Staff July 3, 2013


  Anna Bulbrook’s viola is one of a number of elements that have allowed Airborne Toxic Event’s sound to rise to the top of the indie heap. All the rest were also on display for their ...

Dax Riggs

by David King July 2, 2013

  Dax Riggs, a slight-framed, cherub-faced bluesman from Houma, La., didn’t bring much with him to his set at the Putnam Den on Sunday night. He had his Guild acoustic guitar, a small amp, a ragged ...

Freihofer’s Jazz Fest

by Jeff Nania July 2, 2013

The SPAC jazz fest is always keen to host the supergroups of the jazz world, and this year they did so with the likes of the Cookers—a cast that features George Cables, Cecil McBee and ...


Wilco Solid Sound Festival

by Josh Potter June 26, 2013


Jeff Tweedy, I hold you personally responsible. See, I wanted to cut you guys some slack this year, forgive the dad-rock stereotype of stroller-pushing festival crowds, kombucha bars and gruppy nostalgia for ’80s and ’90s alt ...


Joey Bada$$ and Pro Era

by Josh Potter June 26, 2013

  When LA rap collective Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All first emerged (nay, projectile nose-bled) across the Internet in 2010, many heralded the young group as the next Wu-Tang Clan. The comparison was, perhaps, ...

Ian McLagan

by David Greenberger June 26, 2013

  Now in his late 60s, Ian McLagan has become one of the deeply resonant musicians he admired and was influenced by in his youth. It’s not that he sounds like those blues and R&B singers ...

Dropkick Murphys

by Elyse Beaudoin June 19, 2013


  Green shirts and Guinness drafts dotted the sold-out crowd for the Dropkick Murphys’ Upstate Concert Hall stop, promoting their eighth studio album, Signed and Sealed in Blood. The band have raised more than $400,000 to ...

Son Volt

by Metroland Staff June 19, 2013

Jay Farrar, Sun Volt, The Egg, Albany, NY, 6/11/2013

  Jay Farrar has never quite established his post-Uncle Tupelo band Son Volt the way former bandmate Jeff Tweedy has with Wilco, but those piling into the Egg last Tuesday (June 11) didn’t seem to mind. ...


by Josh Potter June 19, 2013

  “Your mom, she sits while her hair is in curlers/Smokes weed and listens to that Garrison Keilor/That’s how I’ll live when I quit my rap career,” Yoni Wolf crooned during “Strawberries,” clarifying a few things ...

Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti

by Raurri Jennings June 13, 2013

  Los Angeles pop pastiche artist and eccentric Ariel Pink and his backing band, Haunted Graffiti, took the stage at Pearl Street Nightclub sporting ankle-length graduation robes, except Pink, who donned a yellow slicker and rain ...



by Metroland Staff June 13, 2013


  Canadian indie rockers Metric took their name from a keyboard preset and have been defining synthpop ever since. They proved they’re apt standard bearers on June 6 with a high-energy set at the Upstate Concert ...

Kendrick Lamar

by Taylor Morris June 5, 2013

thumb_23livepic_lamar_michael allen

  Last summer, while reviewing Drake’s Club Paradise tour, I half-joked that Meek Mill could be the savior of commercial rap. A half-joke because commercial rap isn’t actually in need of saving, and talks of an ...

Wilson “Chembo” Corniel, Afro Blue Monk Live

by Jeff Nania June 5, 2013

  This night saw new interpretations of classic Thelonious Monk and Mongo Santamaria tunes as well as pieces by greats like Chucho Valdez, Wayne Shorter, and originals by the group’s pianist Elio Villafranca. The evening began with ...

Chelsea Light Moving

by Josh Potter May 22, 2013

  “C—B—G—B . . .” Thurston Moore intoned as he tuned his guitar at bassist Samara Lubelski’s urging. Then suddenly: “We’re the Modern Lovers and this is [pausing for his bandmates to remind him] ‘Empires of ...

Albany Tulip Fest

by Metroland Staff May 15, 2013

thumb_20livepic_SP_michael allen2

    It used to be: Come for the tulips, stay for the concert. Now, with erratic climate and hard-to-synchronize blooming, it’s come for the concert and check out what’s left of the flowers. Which still made ...

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Danny Brown

by Taylor Morris May 15, 2013

  Brown kept saying, “This ain’t a rap show. It’s a party with all my friends.” This ain’t a rap show? It had all the makings of one: talented rapper, speaker-rattling beats, DJ, plenty of sweating ...