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Matt Durfee

by Ali Hibbs November 21, 2013


  Singer-songwriter Matt Durfee’s debut CD Little World has been a very long-time coming. A former winner of Metroland’s Best Male Songwriter honor and half of the acoustic duo Palatypus (with M.R. Poulopoulos), Durfee is one ...

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Jake Moon

by Ali Hibbs November 21, 2013


  The Internet has made geography far less critical to the development of a musician’s sound, freeing the artist to live more or less wherever they choose and still draw ideas from a musical locale they ...

Better Pills

by Ali Hibbs November 21, 2013


  Brent Gorton doesn’t clutter his music with much fanfare. His band Better Pills quietly released Blood Chant last month on their Bandcamp page and for free download at brentgorton.com. “Recorded in a basement during the ...

The Art of Preservation

by David Greenberger November 6, 2013

thumb_45localmusicpicMISSISSIPPIJOHNHURT_Joe Alper

  We live our life, follow our pursuits, and often only in hindsight is a pattern seen. There is a road from a pivotal juncture in the past to the current moment, filled with potent and ...

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Gone Diggin’

by Metroland Staff November 6, 2013


  Bear Grass Stories in Books Sometimes it’s OK to judge a record by its cover. Especially if that cover is a hand-sewn sleeve of vintage cloth. This is one of two formats in which the physical version ...

Cult of Luna

by David King October 16, 2013


  Sweden’s Cult of Luna are desperately trying to be human. No matter how much they want it, they just can’t be. Unlike other post-metal bands they are compared to, like Neurosis, Isis, Godflesh and Jesu, ...

Franz Ferdinand

by Elyse Beaudoin October 3, 2013


  As the title of their new album suggests, the Scottish band Franz Ferdinand returned from a four-year hiatus with conviction. Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Actions drives through tracks with simple marching beats and a ...

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by David King October 3, 2013


  Jason Keyser, former lead singer of local metal bands Skinless and Detriment and current front man for technical death-metal band Origin, recently stepped on an Internet metal land mine of sorts. Keyser mentioned in a ...

Arctic Monkeys

by David King September 18, 2013


  Welcome to Arctic Monkeys’ The Chronic. Perhaps the last thing you would expect from an early Internet buzz band like the Monkeys, whose pedigree was raucous garage rock and songs about sordid sexual hookups, would ...

Nine Inch Nails

by David King September 18, 2013


  What brought Trent Reznor back to Nine Inch Nails? If you are intrigued by that question then you might be interested in Hesitation Marks, Reznor’s first album in five years. The entire album is dedicated ...

Earl Sweatshirt

by Ali Hibbs August 22, 2013


  Tuesday (Aug. 20) was something like a super-moon for late-summer album releases, Ty Segall, Julianna Barwick, No Age, Zola Jesus, Julia Holter, Shigeto and Braids (see more below) all logging anticipated entries. There was none ...


by Ali Hibbs August 22, 2013


  One of my biggest musical regrets in the past year was missing Braids’ Valentine’s performance last fall. This didn’t, however, set in until I first listened to the Montreal band’s 2011 debut Native Speaker last ...


by Ali Hibbs August 22, 2013


  It’s easy to forget, in the age of Kanye, that DJs were the first stars of hip-hop. Those early Jamaican soundsystem battles weren’t won and lost on account of the microphone “toasters,” either; it was ...

Listening Room

by B.A. Nilsson August 15, 2013


  Live at Caffè Lena: Music From America's Legendary Coffeehouse, 1967-2013 There’s a moment in Hedy West’s 1968 performance of “Shady Grove” when one of the lyrics gets a startlingly loud laugh and she stutters for a ...


by Ali Hibbs August 7, 2013


  Ironically, British house producers like Gold Panda will tell you that the best dance music currently is being made in Berlin. So, maybe the rise of U.K. electronic duo Disclosure is just the final crest ...


by Ali Hibbs August 7, 2013

  To my knowledge, there’s no such thing as a “North Country sound,” save for the gaggle of Adirondack traditionalists preserving that region’s folk catalog, or perhaps the country-infused “Northern rock” of Greenwich’s Eastbound Jesus. Yet, ...

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Skeletons in the Piano

by Ali Hibbs July 17, 2013


  As The Post Mortem (Skeletons in the Piano’s mock-newspaper press vehicle) reported in April, a “local ghost” named Ashcraw Timmins has been hired to optimize the band’s web presence. By the sounds of the band’s ...

M.R. Poulopoulos

by Ali Hibbs July 17, 2013

  Michael Poulopoulos is old-school. That’s not a term you’re likely to find in any of his songs though. Adhering to the guitar-and-voice rudiments that have come to define Americana, Poulopoulos has built his songwriting career ...

The Major Lift

by David King June 19, 2013


  Kanye West Yeezus “You see Kanye go all Trent Reznor on SNL?” my friend texted me last month. I hadn’t but I could just imagine it: Kanye in black leather stomping around to distorted beats and screaming. ...

Terry Gordon Quintet

by Jeff Nania June 13, 2013


  Tomorrow Calling is the Terry Gordon Quintet's fourth release overall and the second on WEPA records. This group's strengths are many, from the proven writing skills of Gordon and saxophonist Eric Walentowicz, to the always-fiery ...

Michael-Louis Smith

by Jeff Nania June 13, 2013


  Michael-Louis Smith's newest album is a beautiful narrative about the passion, pain,and resilience of the “First Black Nation,” Haiti, and specifically its recent struggle with the earthquake in January 2010. In the age of the ...

The Major Lift

by Ali Hibbs May 29, 2013


  One of the primary assumptions in contemporary music criticism is that the golden age of the long-playing album is dead. With MP3s, digital streaming and file sharing, recorded sound has become so abstracted from the ...

The Flaming Lips

by Ali Hibbs May 15, 2013


  The Flaming Lips have an uncanny knack for making bad-trip psychedelic rock sound surprisingly sweet and reassuring. It’s that desperately hopeful outlook on stark mortality that earned “Do You Realize??” it’s berth in the zeitgeist ...

Kurt Vile

by Mike Hotter May 15, 2013


  It seems the music critics of the world (i.e. anyone with Internet access) have agreed that this is the Philadelphia rocker Kurt Vile’s magnum opus, some grand summation of the studied and gifted musician’s aesthetic ...


by Ali Hibbs May 15, 2013


  Shaun Smith takes his synthesizers very seriously. While some electronic artists like to keep their tools and techniques cloaked in mystery, Smith lays his whole rig out there in the liner notes of his new ...