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Dredge Report

by Erin Pihlaja May 1, 2013


  “I grew up in Greene County,” said Judith Enck. “I went to a high school that was right on the banks of the river. I remember being a teenager and going waterskiing, and the goal ...

Lost: Giant Metal Boot

by Darryl McGrath May 1, 2013

Albany police and parking enforcement agents are searching for a gray pickup truck whose driver apparently figured out how to remove the cast-iron-and-steel wheel-locking device known as a "boot." Boots are used to disable vehicles ...

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Promised Land

by Erin Pihlaja April 24, 2013

It’s been just over two years since Trinity Alliance and the Albany Housing Authority secured a $5 million grant for the development of the Capital South Campus Center, a 12,200-square-foot educational facility to be located ...

He’s Back

by Erin Pihlaja April 17, 2013

Albany City Treasurer Kathy Sheehan is looking to move into the mayor’s office, and on Sunday, Darius Shahinfar announced that he is ready to take her place as Albany’s chief fiscal officer. “It’s a stay-the-course race,” ...

Motor Donor

by Jason Bisnoff April 17, 2013

Almost 10,000 New Yorkers are currently waiting for a life-saving organ transplant. Every 13 hours, another New Yorker dies while waiting. Still, only 20 percent of New Yorkers have enrolled in New York state’s Donate ...

We’ve Got a Race

by Erin Pihlaja April 10, 2013

“It felt good, it quieted all of the questions,” said Corey Ellis, Albany’s 11th Ward Democratic leader, after he officially announced last Friday (April 5) that he would run for mayor of Albany. “I felt ...

No Laughing Matter

by Erin Pihlaja April 10, 2013


  Phil and Joanne Markham donned their finest garments and set up shop in Albany’s Townsend Park last Saturday (April 6) to hock homemade pickles. The main ingredient, discounting the shriveled ex-cucumbers, was fracking “brine”—a chemical ...

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Changing Spaces

by Darryl McGrath April 10, 2013

Dominick Calsolaro never thought people would be willing to walk a mile to avoid paying for parking, but that is exactly what dozens of out-of-towners do most weekdays when they leave their cars on Morton ...

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Sweet New Deal for an Old Building

by Ann Morrow March 27, 2013


Shovel in hand, Vic Christopher is creating a business from the ground up. Literally. Last week, Christopher and his wife, Heather LaVine, purchased “the most endangered building in Troy,” a four-story commercial building that extends ...

Close Call

by Darryl McGrath March 27, 2013

Urban school districts have long used the combination approach to programs that are believed to improve student achievement, and Albany City Schools are no exception. And so when word recently spread that the school system's ...

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Raising the Bottom Line

by Erin Pihlaja March 21, 2013


  The big New York state budget reveal probably won’t happen until sometime this weekend, leaving many interested parties in the lurch as they eagerly wait to see if their concerns are addressed. In regard to the ...

Hot for a Cause

by Erin Pihlaja March 6, 2013


  Alana Sparrow stood on one leg in front of the mirror of a yoga studio in Latham, arms wrapped around one another and raised in front of her face. Sweat poured off her body; her ...

Women Take the House

by Erin Pihlaja March 6, 2013

The expanded version of the Violence Against Women Act finally got approval from the U.S. House of Reprresentatives on Feb. 28, after it stalled at the very beginning of the year and failed to be ...

Environmental Disconnect

by Erin Pihlaja February 27, 2013

Albany County Legislator Chris Higgins is fed up with phone books, and he’s asking Albany County legislators to do something about it. Today (Thursday), legislators will get their first look at a bill aimed on ...

Given a Helping Paw

by Erin Pihlaja February 27, 2013


  Thanks to three significant grants from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, it looks like Animalkind, a Hudson-based animal rescue operation, will finally start the process of rebuilding its home at ...


by Molly Eadie February 13, 2013


“Gov. Cuomo says, 'Well, they'll feel better after they read the law and they understand it,'” said Terry Bernardo, Ulster County chairwoman. “Do you feel better now that you've read it?” The crowd, gathered at the ...

Charge It

by Peter Iselin February 6, 2013

  The Capital Region got a little bit greener Tuesday (Feb. 5) when two new electric vehicle charging stations were unveiled at Woodlake Apartments in Guilderland. The Woodlake installation is the first of many charging stations planned ...

In Recognition

by Molly Eadie February 6, 2013


  “For four years I was awarding this recognition to other people, and it's an honor to be recognized,” said Corey Ellis on Monday evening (Feb. 4) after the Albany Common Council recognized him and 16 ...

Quick Response

by Erin Pihlaja January 31, 2013


“We were pretty much packed the whole night,” said Pastor Keith Davey of New Hope Ministries at 148 Dove St. “At 11:30 [PM] the power went back on, and you could hear the cheers from ...

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Here’s the Plan

by Erin Pihlaja January 31, 2013


  If you were expecting Albany Mayor Jerry Jennings to slip in an announcement of whether of not he would run for reelection on Tuesday night (Jan. 29)—tough luck. At no point in his State of ...

Musical Chairs

by Erin Pihlaja January 24, 2013


  A thunderous round of applause broke out as Cecilia Tkaczyk stepped onto the Senate chamber floor yesterday afternoon (Jan. 23). She waved to the cheering people in the balcony and nodded at her colleagues, who ...

Don’t Tread on Us

by Erin Pihlaja January 24, 2013

National Gun Appreciation Day was recognized by thousands in Albany’s West Capitol Park on Saturday (Jan. 19) at a rally organized by a group called Guns Across America. Demonstrators unfurled banners reading “Don't Tread on ...

New York Fires First Shot

by Erin Pihlaja January 17, 2013


  On Tuesday (Jan. 15), Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s signature finalized the New York’s Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act, making New York the first state to pass stricter gun legislation since the Newtown, Conn., school massacre. Among ...

Caffeinated Showdown

by Erin Pihlaja January 17, 2013


  If you’ve ever met someone who can describe the difference between a coffee bean harvested in one country versus another, or the various ways that the bean can be processed once it is removed from ...

A Blow to Women

by Erin Pihlaja January 10, 2013


Is the Violence Against Women Act getting pushed off the fiscal cliff? The act, which provides federal funding for the investigation of cases of violence against women, and the prosecution of those perpetrators, has been renewed ...