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New Alcohol Restrictions at LarkFest

by Erin Pihlaja September 20, 2012

  It was a year of change for LarkFest, the annual Albany street festival that took place Saturday (Sept. 15), shut down Lark Street from Washington Avenue to Madison Avenue, and drew thousands of people. For ...

We Have Our Winners—Well, Almost

by Erin Pihlaja September 20, 2012

Primary day came and went, and while some of the outcomes were expected, there were a few surprises and one high-profile race still without a decided victor. The 109th Assembly District was, as predicted, a very ...

The Last Person Standing

by Erin Pihlaja September 12, 2012

Forget your favorite reality television show. This year’s local political races had all of the colorful personalities, the action, and the drama that the networks scramble over one another to capture. The race for the ...

109th district Assembly

Grudge Match

by Erin Pihlaja September 12, 2012


Judging by the tone of Tuesday’s (Sept. 11) debate between incumbent Sen. Roy McDonald (R-Saratoga) and challenger Kathy Marchione, the Republican primary race for the 43rd district New York State Senate seat is beyond ugly. ...

Representing Contrasts

by Darryl McGrath September 7, 2012

Cohoes Mayor John McDonald suggested the privately owned Professor Java’s Coffee Sanctuary on Wolf Road for a recent chat about his candidacy for the 108th New York State Assembly District. His opponent in the Democratic ...

The Hot Seat?

by Erin Pihlaja September 7, 2012


  Politics tends to be an arena suited for the aggressive, and the race between New York state Sen. Neil Breslin (D-Albany) and Shawn Morse, a Cohoes firefighter and Albany County legislative chairman, has been one ...

After the Flood

by Erin Pihlaja August 30, 2012

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Dona Waszczak had to rebuild completely after Hurricane Irene destroyed her house on Priddle Road in Esperance. The tropical storm hit New York State on Aug. 28, 2011, and caused billions of dollars in total ...

About Geologic Time

by Erin Pihlaja August 30, 2012


  As the crowd, which numbered over 1000 people, filed past New York State’s Capitol building in Albany, it seemed for a brief moment that Gov. Andrew Cuomo might hear the mob shouting his name and ...

Calm Down

by Shawn Stone August 28, 2012


Albany’s Madison Avenue is so heavily trafficked by cars and trucks that if you live on that historic boulevard, which begins in the Mansion and Park South neighborhoods and ends in Pine Hills, you eventually ...


by Shawn Stone August 25, 2012

In the story “Calm Down,” by Shawn Stone, which appeared on pages 9-10 of Vol. 35, Issue 34, published Aug. 23, 2012, the quotes attributed to Albany Police Department Assistant Chief Brendan Cox should have ...

Toward a Living Wage

by Jaired Crofut August 23, 2012

  “When you look at the minimum wage that exists in New York state, every New Yorker should be totally embarrassed,” said Deputy Senate Minority Leader Neil Breslin at a press conference at the Albany Labor ...

Spoiling the Party

by Elyse Beaudoin August 23, 2012


Sprinkles of rain dotted the pavement at Townsend Park in Albany on Monday. Half of the hundred or so protesters huddled under trees and umbrellas; some stood behind the Spanish-American War Monument to avoid the ...


The Barter System

by Jaired Crofut August 16, 2012

On Sunday evening (Aug. 12), community group Troy Shares held its third skills-share meeting of 2012 at the Oakwood Community Center at Hoosick and 10th streets. The group was formed in 2010 by Emily Rossier, ...

A Call for Last Call

by Erin Pihlaja August 16, 2012


On July 19, the Albany Board of Zoning Appeals received an application from John DeJohn to extend the hours of two of his restaurants, Legends and DeJohn’s (286 and 288 Lark Street), from 2 AM ...

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Here to Stay

by Erin Pihlaja August 16, 2012


  C-R Productions, which operates at the historic Cohoes Music Hall, has met its fundraising goal of $75,000. The campaign to save the company’s production budget started on Aug. 1 and ended on Aug. 15. Without ...

Troy Residents Enjoy a National Night Out

by Erin Pihlaja August 9, 2012


Kaylynn Barr, age 13, worked on a chalk drawing on 10th Street in Troy on Tuesday evening (Aug. 7) during a National Night Out event hosted by the Hillside North Neighborhood Group. The event is ...

A Better Deal for Women

by Darryl McGrath August 9, 2012

For most Americans, the landmark Affordable Care Act is still more a news story and a court case than a reality. But that’s going to start changing for tens of thousands of Capital Region women, ...

Asian Invasion

by Molly Eadie July 26, 2012

On the corner of Lancaster and Dove streets in Albany’s Center Square, bright yellow signs attached with purple ribbons hang from the neighborhood’s two ash trees. The signs warn that these trees, along with all ...

Measuring Livability

by Erin Pihlaja July 26, 2012

On Tuesday night in the Albany public library, members of the Cecil Group, a Boston-based planning and design firm hired by the city of Albany, met with around 30 people from the city and surrounding ...

Success on Tap?

by Erin Pihlaja July 26, 2012


Garth Ellms didn’t intend to return to the family farm. He went off to college and started working for a financial company before returning to the Ellms farm in Ballston Spa. His parents were open ...

We’re Live

by Erin Pihlaja July 19, 2012

  ‘Brother” Richard Gavroy leaned against a wall in the basement of the Albany Public Library. Dressed all in black, he wiped the sweat off of his brow as he waited to be let into a ...

The Last Quack

by Erin Pihlaja July 11, 2012


Business has been booming for the Albany Aqua Ducks since July 5, when it was announced that the company’s two hydra-terra amphibious vehicles were sold to an out-of-state buyer. After July 15, New York state’s ...

Falling Through

by Erin Pihlaja June 27, 2012

‘Half off of everything! Everything has to go,” Al Smith, owner of Dealer’s Den, a thrift store at 444 River St. in Troy, called out to the dispersing crowd in front of the building. It ...

Principal Commitment

by Darryl McGrath June 27, 2012


Urban school districts have long aimed to grow their own talent, by enticing gifted young teachers who graduated from local schools back home to start their careers and—more importantly—stay for a long-term commitment.ÊAlbany Public Schools ...

Commuter Crunch

by Darryl McGrath June 21, 2012


  Amid the discussions about Albany’s rapidly approaching residential permit parking system, one point keeps getting overlooked: By the time the plan goes into effect on Oct. 1, an additional 2,000 state employees will be working ...