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Beware the Self-Defeating Prophecy

by Miriam Axel-Lute May 7, 2015


  Yesterday I saw a link to a set of well-wisher cards intended to be sent to people with serious illness, like cancer. Some were unusually blunt (“happy last day of chemo, let’s eat anything that ...

Unfair Trade

by Paul Rapp May 4, 2015


You may have caught wind about a bizarre firefight going on between President Obama and some prominent Democrats, most notably Elizabeth Warren, over some trade agreements with catchy acronyms like TPP, TIPP, and TAFTA. This ...

How “Islamic” is the Islamic State?

by Juan Cole February 26, 2015

  Copyright © 2015 The Nation—distributed by Agence Global Last week a debate erupted over how “Islamic” the so-called “Islamic State” group (ISIS or ISIL) in Syria and Iraq is, and whether it is legitimate to speak ...

Well, This Changes Everything–I Think

by Paul Rapp February 20, 2015


  In my last column we talked about the Flo & Eddie lawsuit seeking performance-right payments for pre-1972 recordings. The lawsuit is going very well for them, and as I explained, it highlights what a putrid ...

How to Increase Vaccination Rates

by Miriam Axel-Lute February 12, 2015


  Here are seven steps to increasing vaccination rates without being an asshole to anybody along the way: One: Remember that even now, anti-vaxxers are not actually the biggest reason for missed vaccines. Poverty is. From Mother ...


I Can’t See Me Suing Nobody But You

by Paul Rapp February 5, 2015


  Maybe you’ve heard about how the Turtles’ Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan (aka Flo and Eddie) just won a big lawsuit against Sirius radio that will entitle them to all kinds of money related to ...

Funding the City

by Miriam Axel-Lute January 29, 2015

  At a regional forum on inequality earlier this month, Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan made some remarks that jumpstarted some regional discussion about regional equity, commuter taxes, and the like. As reported by Jimmy Vielkind at ...

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Fun With Viagra

by Evie January 22, 2015


  “It sends me on a rocket trip right through your solar system,” Dr. Mark Haskin tells Samantha when she asks him what Viagra does for him. Carrie later tells us that Samantha landed on the ...

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Band of Broaders

by Paul Rapp January 22, 2015


  All kinds of fun on the broadband front. Finally, we’re seeing some leadership that understands the need for real and affordable high-speed Internet, as a basic human right, as a public-safety necessity, as an economic ...

Fracked Gas, Coming Through

by Miriam Axel-Lute January 15, 2015


  The land where Patricia Kernan grew up, in the foothills of the Northern Catskills, is 1,000 acres of unbroken forest, from which trees have been carefully, sustainably harvested for at least 70 years. It contains ...

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Threesomes, Anyone?

by Evie January 8, 2015

  “I told her if we made it 10 years I’d get her a diamond. If we made it 25 . . . threesome.” They’ve been married 34 years; still no threesome. Oh, and the “they,” ...

Rock, Scissors, Paper

by Paul Rapp January 8, 2015


  Don’t know about you, but I hardly use paper anymore. When I opened my own law practice almost 11 years ago, I was going through paper like there was no tomorrow. I bought big boxes ...

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Charity and Justice

by Miriam Axel-Lute December 31, 2014

  A few weeks ago my daughter got a bee in her bonnet about wanting to help homeless people. Like many of her peers she has begun to notice the world outside of herself and has ...

Wake It Shake It Sony Sony

by Paul Rapp December 24, 2014

  This Sony hack thing is one profoundly smelly continuously exploding canister of weird. And it will just keep getting weirder. I mean, as I’m writing this (Tuesday afternoon), Sony suddenly decides that The Interview will ...

The Hair Down There

by Evie December 24, 2014


  Pants hamster. Now do I have your attention? Unfortunately for me there aren’t that many popular euphemisms for pubic hair, other than bush or carpet, so when I came across pants hamster I decided I’d take ...

Letters: Don’t Reduce Our Representation in the Albany County Legislature

by The Staff December 19, 2014

  To the Editor:  A recent article by Ali Hibbs contained an error on the date of the public hearing to possibly reduce the size of the Albany County Legislature [Newsfront, Dec. 11]. Nor did the article offer much ...

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Letters: In the City of Albany, a Bitter Budget, or a Better Budget?

by The Staff December 19, 2014

  To the Editor: It’s no surprise that the City of Albany is facing tremendous financial challenges. Albany residents are fortunate that Mayor Sheehan and her team put a balanced budget forth with no reduction in services ...


Critical Mass of Grief

by Miriam Axel-Lute December 18, 2014


  Grief lasts a lot longer than anger. Anger burns itself out, but grief comes in steady waves. When I look around at the tremendous outpouring of #BlackLivesMatter activism of these past weeks, of I Can’t Breathe ...

Morning Wood

by Evie December 11, 2014


  Alright, Noah, you want morning sex? Then listen up. Yes, you can wake me with a poke to my backside. I’ll be the little spoon; you be the big spoon. Please don’t exhale with too ...

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Profiles in Fear

by Stephen Leon December 4, 2014

  For some reason, I went to work early that Thursday, the day after we put the paper to bed and I could have slept later if I had wanted to. It was before 9 AM ...

Progressives and Picket Lines

by Miriam Axel-Lute December 4, 2014


  The story was very different, depending who told it. To the organizers of the two affordable housing conferences I attended a few weeks ago, news that the Seattle Olive 8 hotel was under boycott by the ...

Attention Chopper Parodists

by Paul Rapp November 26, 2014


  Last week, Price Chopper made the beguiling announcement that it was changing its name to “Market 32,” apparently a reference to the company’s first store (the chain originally was called Central Markets), which opened in ...


Sexual Gratitude

by Evie November 26, 2014

  Mom can ask me to peel potatoes, but she better not ask me to say grace this year. There’s something about me being a writer that makes her think I’m the best choice for leading ...

Is History Destiny?

by Miriam Axel-Lute November 20, 2014


  Don’t tell anyone, but I recently abandoned my longstanding resistance to both podcasts and NPR and binge-listened to a bunch of Planet Money episodes on a couple of bus and plane trips where I couldn’t ...

Measuring Up

by Evie November 13, 2014


  “Of course it matters!” says a friend when I ask her the question I’ve spent the past couple days exploring: Does size matter? I’ve always thought it didn’t; that it just mattered what the guy ...