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State Bulletin

Fred Dicker, Man of Integrity

by David King July 6, 2011

There may be no better way to be simultaneously horrified and amused these days than to pick up one of Fred Dicker's columns. His latest masterpiece of tragedy and comedy, “Obama to Tap Cuomo to ...

Different Joke, Same Punchline

by David King May 18, 2011

For two years, Senate Demo-crats made fools of themselves while they controlled the majority. Their infighting, inability to pass important legislation and that messy coup made them look incapable of leadership. The Republicans have control ...

Legislative Chicken

by David King May 11, 2011

This week the Independent Democratic Conference, a group of breakaway Democrats who wanted to find a way to enjoy the perks of being in the majority without actually being in it, released a study showing ...

Dude, Where’s My Governor?

by David King April 27, 2011

He did it! He did it! He cowed the Legislature and they swallowed his budget with barely any restorations. Gov. Andrew Cuomo delivered on one of his many campaign ...

Dragging His Own Name Through The Mud

by David King April 6, 2011

Greg Ball is used to being the subject of controversy. He has been accused in the past of sexually assaulting an Albany waitress and stalking an ex-girlfriend. That girlfriend, a CNN employee, got a restraining ...

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The Long Vacation

by David King March 31, 2011

Albany has been through the shame wringer this past month: the “Kegs and Eggs” melee, which made another one of Albany's abandoned neighborhoods the butt of national jokes, and then the DWI arrest of Albany ...

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Who Owns This Budget?

by David King March 23, 2011

With little more than a week left until the state budget is due, groups from all over New York have poured into the Capitol this week to demand that Gov. Cuomo’s ...

Here’s Your Effing Steamroller

by David King March 3, 2011

Have you angered Gov. Andrew Cuomo lately? Not sure? Here is one easy way to find out: Check the New York Post’s editorials. If you’ve done something to earn his displeasure, the Post will almost ...

Bad Joke

by David King February 9, 2011

Gov. Andrew Cuomo had a real good act going during his budget speech on Feb. 1. As though it was his first time ever examining a state budget, he declared that he had found the ...

What, Me Worry?

by David King January 5, 2011

This week I thought I would kick off a monthly feature for the State Bulletin. As a neurotic, anxiety-ridden journalist, I need reassurance from time to time that I haven’t completely gone off the deep ...