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    It’s a Wonderful Life

      Frank Capra’s holiday classic is about a hero who doesn’t know he’s a hero. George Bailey (James Stewart) doesn’t realize he’s the glue that’s held his hometown together; he also doesn’t realize what a “wonderful life” he has with his wife (Donna Reed), family and friends. In a moment of crisis, however, George Bailey [...]
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    Disney on Ice

      We know what you want to know: Which Disney princesses—and princesses’ pals—will be strapping on skates for this edition of Disney on Ice? Here’s what we know of the lineup: Rapunzel and Flynn from Tangled; Ariel and Sebastian from The Little Mermaid; Beauty and the Beast from, well, you know; and, making her “on [...]
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    Conehead Buddah

      And now for the big reveal: With the passing of this age comes the arrival of our benevolent new overlord, an enlightened teacher with a pointy crown, one part Dan Aykroyd, another John Belushi, here to lead us dancing into the Noosphere with jamming tunes on his oversized headphones. Conehead Buddha have been dwelling [...]
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    Everett Bradley’s Holidelic

      Look what just fell off the mothership. It’s a glass sphere full of water and, when you shake it, the tiny world inside swirls into a snow-covered wonderland full of funky reindeer, scantily clad elves and a funky old man in a long white beard and red pimp suit. Everett Bradley is back with [...]
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    Capitol Chamber Artists

      If there’s one phrase that comes up again and again in descriptions of the music of the baroque era (the 17th and part of the 18th centuries, in good old Europe), it is “elaborate musical ornamentation.” This delightful embroidery can take the form of joyous ecstasy or solemn contemplation; around the holidays, programs of [...]

    Also Noted

    The apocalypse will come early in Woodstock, as the Big Takeover are throwing an end-of-the-world party at Bearsville Theater tonight (Thursday) with Leonard Banks and Omerta (9 PM, $10, 845-679-4406). . . . Saratoga Springs has the timing right though, as ArmagedDEN will rock Putnam Den tomorrow (Friday) night courtesy of $weatpant$ Money, TrevMunz and [...]
  • End of the World Dance Party

    It was largely on account of the post-apocalyptic hedonists and Jedi light workers of the greater Burning Man culture that new-age renditions of the 2012 apocalypse got so widely disseminated through pop culture. So, it’s only proper that you celebrate the paradigm shift on the dancefloor. Three stages will host 17 DJs, including DJ Sliink, [...]
  • The Erotics Nightmare Before Christmas

    Albany’s sleaziest, the Erotics, prefer their apocalypse with a big American dose of sex and violence. For the fourth consecutive year, the punk-rock trio will host their Nightmare Before Christmas bash at Valentine’s with guests Midnight Mob, the Blisterz, Mordwolf and Blackcat Elliot. And as luck would have it, this year they got a little [...]
  • The West Point Band’s Jazz Knights

    Wait, shouldn’t these guys be off manning a machine-gun turret, taking to-the-minute instruction from the president? We’ve seen those end-of-the-world movies. As the civilians panic, the military elite hold it together, valiently risking the safety of their own families to protect humankind at large. They don’t hole up to play Glenn Miller and Count Basie, [...]
  • Holiday Folk Show

    Those silly old hippies at Caffe Lena must not have gotten the galactic transmission. Hey, folkies, the 12th baktun was so 394.26 tropical years ago! The world ends tomorrow and they’re still celebrating “Candlemas-Hanukkah-Ramadan-Solstice-Christmas-Kwanzaa-New Year-Boxing Day-Epiphany.” With, like, carols and shit. So, either performers John Kirk, Trish Miller, Linda Schrade, David Kiphuth, Addie Murray and [...]

Thursday, December 20, 2012