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  • thumb_44ndpicIDA

    Mount Ida Psychic Fair

      The celebration of Halloween comes from the ancient festival of Samhain, when it was believed that the veil between the living and the dead was at its thinnest. For those of you interested in this possibility and other paranormal phenomena, or if you’re just looking for a spooky—potentially even spectral—Halloween evening, than the Mount […]
  • thumb_44concertboxpic

    Grace Potter

      Grace Potter, the Vermont soul-rock chanteuse, came up through the jam-band scene (with her ex-backing band, the Nocturnals) by way of constant, grass-roots touring, with Potter’s bluesy voice (sometimes compared to Melissa Etheredge’s) and earthy lyrics becoming the main attraction. But she’s always been versatile and adventurous, appearing with or collaborating with acts as […]
  • thumb_44artboxpicYTK


      Just in time for Troy Night Out, the Arts Center of the Capital Region is opening Traces, an exhibit of works by Mary Pat Wager and Rachel Baxter, a collaborative exhibit in which the artists experimented with a variety of materials and chemical reactions. Baxter said (in the gallery notes), “We spent countless hours […]
  • thumb_44perfboxpic

    Mt. Rush

      It was bad enough when the insanity of American political advertising just owned the airwaves. The advent of e-mail—and the constant selling and reselling of your e-mail address, thanks to those harmless little service agreements you blithely click—has meant that politicians and political groups will harass you with increasingly frantic warnings of apocalyptic doom. […]
  • thumb_44ndpicSPUYTEN

    Spuyten Duyvil

      Let’s get the name out of the way: It’s Dutch for “in spite of the Devil” and the name of a creek (and town) in the Bronx. It’s also the name of a Hudson Valley-based Americana band playing at Caffe Lena on Friday night. Led by the songwriting couple Mark Miller and Beth Kaufman, […]
  • thumb_44ndpicSCREWTAPE

    The Screwtape Letters

      The acclaimed New York City-based Fellowship for the Performing Arts production of Catholic wit C.S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters comes to Proctors tonight for one show only. Max McLean is His Abysmal Sublimity Screwtape, aka’s Satan’s “top psychiatrist,” whose specialty is training demons to ruin human lives and collect their souls. It’s a comedy: […]
  • thumb_44notepicBEES

    She Keeps Bees

      The Guardian has said that they’re “like the White Stripes in reverse,” and The New York Times compared lead singer Jessica Larrabee to a “loose, vehement and unchoreographed” PJ Harvey. The rock duo consists solely of Larrabee and Andy LaPlant, a fan she met while bartending in Brooklyn. He helped her record her music […]
  • thumb_44notepicPAULJ

    Possessed by Paul James

      Konrad Wert came up with the Possessed by Paul James stage name as a way to channel the spirits of his late father and grandfather. Until recently, he worked as a full-time teacher and performed music on the side. Whether he’s stomping on a box, sawing on a fiddle or going to town on […]
  • No Place to Hide

      Did you ever have the felling that you’re being watched? Of course you have. And, of course, you know that you’re being captured by someone’s lens whenever you’re out in public. The new exhibit at the Tang, No Place to Hide, is the work of three contemporary artists “who all address the impact of […]
  • thumb_44notepicCELLO

    Portland Cello Project

      Believe it or not, the Portland Cello Project are a group of Portland, Ore.-based cellists who’ve been performing together for nine years. And they have goals. Namely, to “bring the cello to places you wouldn’t normally hear it” and “play music on the cello you wouldn’t normally heard played” on a cello. These sounds […]

Sunday, July 20, 2014


July 20

Duo Parnas with Tim Kantor, viola

by The Staff July 20, 2014

Music of Beethoven, Dohányi, Andrew Norman

0 comments Maverick Concert Hall


July 20

One Man Band: The Songs of Joel Waggoner

by The Staff July 20, 2014

Songwriters Cabaret No. 2

0 comments Barrington Stage Company Mr. Finn's Cabaret


July 20

Porch Chat: Abolitionist’s Son and Slave Owner’s Daughter

by The Staff July 20, 2014

The unlikely romance of Ulysses S. Grant and Julia Boggs Dent, as portrayed by Grant Cottage volunteers Steve Trimm and Melissa Trombley-Prosch

0 comments Grant Cottage State Historic Site


July 20

Rock n Roll Brunch

by Ali Hibbs July 20, 2014

0 comments The Low Beat


July 20

TMC Vocal Fellows

by The Staff July 20, 2014

Bernard Rands' Folk Songs, more

0 comments Tanglewood Ozawa Hall