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Radio Stations

Whatever your favorite flavor, it’s probably somewhere on the Capital Region radio dial.


WAJZ (Jamz)

96.3 FM, offices: 786-6600; request line: 476-9696. Hip-hop and R&B.


90.3 FM, 1400 AM, 465-5233. National Public Radio, news programs, BBC news, Fresh Air, The Book Show, Piano Jazz, Capitol Connection, Car Talk, opera, jazz, Afro-pop and more.


90.9 FM, 442-5262. University at Albany college radio. Free format including underground and urban music.


102.7 FM, office line: (802) 362-4800; request line: (802) 362-1027. Alternative rock.

WEXT (Exit)

97.7 FM, 880-3400. Semi-free-form public radio, featuring a nifty amount of regional artists in rotation, plus syndicated fare like World Café and Sound Opinions.

WFLY (Fly 92)

92.3 FM, request/contest line: 476-9200. Contemporary hit radio, Top 40, with a tinge of alterna-rock to boot.


107.7 FM, offices: 782-1474; contest/request line: 476-1077. Country music.


810 AM, news line: 452-4848; talk line: 476-1949. News/talk radio.

WHRL (Channel 103.1)

103.1 FM, 452-4800. “Albany’s new rock alternative.”

WKLI (Magic)

100.9 FM, 476-1009. Adult contemporary and pop standards.

WKKF (Kiss FM)

102.3 FM, 452-5800. Dance-oriented Top 40.


89.1, 88.7 FM, 357-1700; request line: (800) 933-WRHV. Public radio station featuring classical music.


980 AM, 452-4800. Fox Sports Network.

WPYX (Pyx 106)

106.5 FM, 476-9799. Classic and contemporary rock; Waking Up with the Wolf.

WQAR (The Star)

101.3 FM, 899-1013. Soft rock.


103.5/103.9 FM, 881-1515; request line: 476-1039. Classic rock.


590 AM, 476-5900. News/talk radio.


91.5 FM, 276-6248; business office: 276-6271. RPI free-format college radio; Democracy Now!, VG Memories, Tribute and more.


89.7 FM, 388-6151. Union College radio station.

WRVE (The River)

99.5 FM, (800) 995-9783. Contemporary adult-oriented rock.


91.1 FM, 580-5787. Skidmore College free-format radio.

WTMM (The Team)

104.5 FM, 1300 AM), 881-1515. ESPN all-sports radio.


476-WTRY. Oldies.

WUAM/WABY (Moon Radio)

900 AM and 1160 AM), 581-0900. Big Band.

WVCR (The Saint)

88.3 FM, 783-2990. Siena College radio station, “We play anything.”

WVKZ (Real Oldies)

1240 AM, 899-3000. Classic hits of the ’50s and ’60s.

WYAI (Air 1)

93.7 FM, (800) YES-AIR1. Christian rock.

WYJB (B 95.5)

95.5 FM, 476-2955. Adult contemporary/soft rock.

WYKV (K-Love)

94.5 FM, (800) 525-LOVE. Contemporary Christian music.

WZMR (The Edge)

104.9 FM, 476-1049. Alternative/hard rock.

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