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Alphabetical Index

# A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z


105 Park Place Spa Brauhaus (German)

20 Railroad (Pub Fare)

333 Café (International)


51 Front Wine Bar and Bistro (American)

99 Restaurant & Pub (American)

^ Bacn to Top


Aashiana’s Restaurant (Indian/Pakistani)

Across the Street Pub (Pub Fare)

Aegean Breeze (Greek)

Afghan Grill (Middle Eastern)

Aimie’s Dinner & Movie With Wallabee’s (American)

Ala Shanghai Chinese Cuisine (Chinese)

Albany Pump Station (American)

Al-Baraki (Middle Eastern)

Ale House (Pub Fare)

Alexis Diner (Diner)

Ali Baba (Middle Eastern)

Allium (American)

Amazing Wok (Chinese)

Ambition (American)

American Hotel (American)

Amigos Cantina (Mexican/Southwestern)



Amo La Bella New York (Italian)

Andy & Sons Italian Food & Deli, Ltd. (Deli)

Angelo’s 677 Prime (American)

Angelo’s Tavolo (Continental)

Angry Penguin Tavern (Irish)

Anthony’s Canalside Restaurant (Italian)

Antipasto’s (Vegetarian)

Anton’s—A Greek/American Eatery (Greek)

Aperitivo Bistro (International)

Appian Way Restaurant (Italian)

Arirang (Pan-Asian)

Arlington House (Continental)

Aroma Bar & Grill (Indian/Pakistani)

Athos Classic Greek Cuisine (Greek)

Augie’s Family Style Restaurant & Bar (Italian)

^ Bacn to Top


Bacchus (Pub Fare)

Badass Burrito (Mexican/Southwestern)

Bailey’s (Light Fare)

Bangkok Bistro Thai Restaurant & Martini Bar (Thai)

Barcelona Restaurant (Spanish)

Barnes & Noble Café (Coffee Bar)

Barnsider (American)

Barrington Brewery & Restaurant (American)

Basement Bistro (American)

Bayou Café (Cajun)

Bayou Café-Downtown (Cajun)

Beardslee Castle (International)

Bears’ Steakhouse (American)

Beekman Street Bistro (Continental)

BEFF’s Tavern (American)

Beirut (Middle Eastern)

Bellini’s Italian Eatery—Clifton Park (Italian)

Bellini’s Italian Eatery—Slingerlands (Italian)

Bentley’s Tavern (Pub Fare)

Better Bite (Mediterranean)

Betty’s Pizza Shack (Light Fare)

Beverly’s (American)

BFS Restaurant & Catering (Mediterranean)

Bistro at the Georgian Resort (American)

Bistro Zinc (French)

Bizen (Japanese)

Black Cat Ale House (Pub Fare)

Bloomers an American Bistro (American)

Blue Plate (American)

Blue Ribbon Diner (Diner)

Blue Spice Thai Restaurant (Thai)

Bombay Grill (Indian/Pakistani)

Bombers Burrito Bar—Albany (American)

Bombers Burrito Bar—Schenectady (American)

Bongiorno’s (Italian)

Bookmaker’s at the Holiday Inn (Continental)

Bourbon Street (American)

Bread and Jam Café (Coffee Bar)

Bread Basket (Light Fare)

Brindisi’s Restaurant and Bar (Italian)

Brix (French)

Bros. Tacos (Mexican/Southwestern)

Brown’s Brewing Company (American)

Brunswick BBQ and Brew (Barbecue)

Buca di Beppo (Italian)

Buffalo Wagon (Pan-Asian)

Buffalo Wings & Rings (American)

Bull’s Head Inn (American)

^ Bacn to Top


Café 217 (American)

Café Capriccio (Northern Italian)

Café Hollywood (Pub Fare)

Café Lucia (Northern Italian)

Café Madison (American)

Café Perk Ups (Coffee Bar)

Caffe Italia (Italian)

Caffe Pomo D’Oro (Italian)


Capital Q Smokehouse (Barbecue)

Capital Thai Restaurant (Thai)

Capitol House Chinese Kitchen (Chinese)

Cardona’s Market (Deli)

Carney’s (Irish)

Casa Dominicana (Caribbean)

Casa Mia Ristorante (Italian)

Castelo’s (Italian)

Castle Street Café (American)

Cat’s Meow (Pub Fare)

CCK (Chinese)

Cella Bistro (American)

Center Stage Deli (Deli)

Century House (American)

Charlie’s Restaurant (American)

Chef’s Take Out (Italian)

Chez Daisie Creperie (Light Fare)

Chez Mike (American)

Chez Pierre (French)

Chianti il Ristorante (Northern Italian)

Chico’s BBQ & Restaurant (Barbecue)

Chili’s Restaurant (Mexican/Southwestern)

China House (Chinese)

Church Street Café (American)

Circle Diner (Diner)

Circus Cafe (American)

Civitello’s (Italian)

Cliff’s Country Inn (American)

Cock ’n’ Bull (American)

Coffee Beanery Ltd. (Coffee Bar)

Coffee Planet (Coffee Bar)

Colonie Diner (Diner)

Cook’s Deli (Deli)

Cornell’s Restaurant (Italian)

Country Corner Café (American)

Creo (International)

Crisan Bakery (Light Fare)

Curry House (Indian/Pakistani)

^ Bacn to Top


D’Andrea’s (Light Fare)

D’Raymond’s Restaurant and Lounge (Italian)

Daily Grind—Albany (Coffee Bar)

Daily Grind—Troy (Coffee Bar)

Daisy Baker’s (American)

Dakota-Latham (American)

Dakota-Pittsfield (American)

Dale Miller (American)

Davidson Brothers Restaurant & Brewery (American)

De Marco’s Italian Restaurant (Italian)

Deacon Blues (American)

DeAngelo’s Ristorante (Italian)

Debbie’s Kitchen (Light Fare)

DeFazio’s Pizzeria (Italian)

DeJohn’s Restaurant & Pub (American)

Deli at Honest Weight Food Co-op (Vegetarian)

Delmonico’s Italian Steakhouse (Italian)

Destino (Mexican/Southwestern)

DiCarlo’s (Pub Fare)

Dine (International)

Dorato’s (Pub Fare)

DP an American Brasserie (American)

Dragon Buffet-Clifton Park (Chinese)

Dragon Buffet-Colonie (Chinese)

Duncan’s Dairy Bar (American)

^ Bacn to Top


El Loco Mexican Café (Mexican/Southwestern)

El Mariachi (Mexican/Southwestern)

El Mariachi II (Mexican/Southwestern)

El Mariachi III (Mexican/Southwestern)

Elbo Room (Pub Fare)

Elda’s (Northern Italian)

Emack & Bolio’s Ice Cream Parlor & Coffee House (Coffee Bar)

Emack & Bolio’s Ice Cream Parlor—Guilderland (Coffee Bar)

Emperor’s (Chinese)

Envy Lounge (International)

Esperanto (Mexican/Southwestern)

Eugenio’s Cafe Gelato (Coffee Bar)

Everybody’s Cafe (Coffee Bar)

Everyday’s Tropical Cantina (Pub Fare)

^ Bacn to Top


Factory Eatery & Spirits (American)

Farmer Boy Restaurant Diner (Diner)

Ferrari’s Ristorante (Italian)

Fifty South (American)

Filet 7 West (American)

Firefly (American)

Fireside Pizzeria (Italian)

First Choice (Caribbean)

Five Guys Burgers & Fries—Albany (Light Fare)

Five Guys Burgers & Fries—Clifton Park (Light Fare)

Five Guys Burgers & Fries—Glenmont (Light Fare)

Five Guys Burgers & Fries—Rensselaer (Light Fare)

Five Guys Burgers & Fries—Saratoga (Light Fare)

Five Guys Burgers & Fries—Schenectady (Light Fare)

Flavour Café and Lounge (Coffee Bar)

Forno Bistro (Italian)

Fortunes at Saratoga Gaming & Raceway (American)

Fountain (Pub Fare)

Four Corners Luncheonette (American)

Four Seasons (Vegetarian)

Francesca’s (Light Fare)

Franklin’s Tower (Continental)

Fresco’s (Italian)

Friends Lake Inn (American)

^ Bacn to Top


Gaffney’s (American)

Gandhi Indian Restaurant (Indian/Pakistani)

Garlic Lover’s Corner (Mediterranean)

Gateway Diner (Diner)

George Mann Tory Tavern (American)

Gershon’s Deli & Caterers (Deli)

Gibby’s Restaurant (Diner)

Giffy’s Bar-B-Q (Barbecue)

Ginger Man Wine Bar & Restaurant (Continental)

Golden Phoenix Buffet (Chinese)


Good Leaf Gourmet Tea Company (Coffee Bar)

Good Times Lakeview Restaurant (Continental)

Gotchya’s (American)

Grandma’s Pies and Restaurant (American)

Graney’s (American)

Grappa ‘72 (Italian)

Great American Grill (American)

Greenhouse (Light Fare)

Grey Gelding Bistro & Bar (American)

Grill (American)

Guido’s Fresh Marketplace (Light Fare)

^ Bacn to Top


Hana Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar (Japanese)

Harvest and Hearth (Pub Fare)

Hattie’s (American)

Hidden Cafe (Mediterranean)

Hideaway at Pagliacci (American)

Hildreth’s (American)

Hill Street Café (Pub Fare)

Hobson’s Choice (Continental)


Hollywood Brown Derby (American)

Holmes & Watson (American)

Horseshoe Inn Bar & Grill (American)

Houlihan’s (American)

Hudson Harbor Steak and Seafood (Seafood)

Humpy’s (Pub Fare)

Hungry Spot Café (Light Fare)

Hungry Trout Restaurant (American)

^ Bacn to Top


I Love New York Pizza Pasta (Italian)

Ichiban-Albany (Japanese)

Ichiban-Guilderland (Japanese)

Inferno Restaurant & Pizzeria—Albany (Italian)

Inferno Restaurant & Pizzeria—Clifton Park (Italian)

Inferno Restaurant & Pizzeria—Colonie (Italian)

Inferno Restaurant & Pizzeria—Guilderland (Italian)

Inferno Restaurant & Pizzeria—Latham (Italian)


Inferno Restaurant & Pizzeria—Loudonville (Italian)

Inferno Restaurant & Pizzeria—Malta (Italian)

Inferno Restaurant & Pizzeria—Saratoga Springs (Italian)

Inferno Restaurant & Pizzeria—Troy (Italian)

Inn at Erlowest (French)

Irish Mist (American)

Iron Gate Café (Light Fare)

Italian Club (Italian)

^ Bacn to Top


J.T. Maxies (American)

Jack’s Oyster House (American)

Jake Moon Restaurant Café (American)

Jake’s Roadhouse (Mexican/Southwestern)

Java Jazz Café (Light Fare)

Jessica Stone’s (American)

Jillian’s (American)

Jimmy’s 21 (Italian)


Joe’s Pizza Place & Restaurant (Italian)

John Andrew’s Restaurant (American)

John Riccitello’s (Italian)

Johnny B’s Glenmont Diner (Diner)

Jonesville Store “Eat Good Food” (Deli)

Jose Malone’s Mexican Irish Restaurant (Mexican/Southwestern)

Jumpin’ Jack’s (American)

Junior’s Bar & Grill (Pub Fare)

Justin’s (American)

^ Bacn to Top


Kabuki Japanese Restaurant (Japanese)

Kabul Night (Middle Eastern)

Karavalli—Latham (Indian/Pakistani)

Karavalli—Saratoga (Indian/Pakistani)

Katie O’Byrne’s (American)


Katrinella’s Bistro (Italian)

Kelsey’s (American)

Kenneth’s Tastebud (Caribbean)

Kitchen at the Dovegate Inn (American)

Koto Japanese Restaurant (Japanese)

^ Bacn to Top


La Perla at the Gregory House (Continental)

La Serre (Continental)

Lake Ridge (American)

Lakeview Inn (American)

Lanie’s Cafe (American)

Lanzi’s on the Lake (Continental)

Latham ’76 Restaurant (Diner)

Latham Biryani (Indian/Pakistani)

Lauren’s House of Dogs (Light Fare)

Lazeez (Indian/Pakistani)

Legends (Pub Fare)

Leon’s Mexican Restaurant (Mexican/Southwestern)

Lillian’s Restaurant (American)


Lion’s Den (Pub Fare)

Lipperas’ at the Chatham House (Continental)

Little India (Indian/Pakistani)

Lo Porto Ristorante (Northern Italian)

Local 111 (American)

Local Pub and Restaurant (American)

Log Jam Restaurant (American)

Lombardo’s (Italian)

Londonderry Café (American)

Longfellow’s Hotel & Restaurant (American)

Lox of Bagels & Moor (Deli)

LT’s Grill (Barbecue)

Luisa’s Italian Bistro (Northern Italian)

Lynn’s Uptown Sports Tavern (Pub Fare)

^ Bacn to Top


Madalin’s Table (Continental)

Maestro’s (American)

Maggie’s Café (Pub Fare)

Main Street Grille (American)

Mallozzi’s (Northern Italian)

Mamoun’s Mideast Café (Middle Eastern)

Mangia (Italian)

Mangino’s (Northern Italian)

Manhattan Bistro and Bagel (Light Fare)

Manhattan Exchange (Pub Fare)

Manory’s (American)

Mansion Hill Inn (Continental)

Marche (American)

Mario’s Restaurant (Italian)

Mario’s Restaurant & Pizzeria (Italian)

Mari’s Japanese Cuisine (Japanese)

Market (American)

Marmora Café (Middle Eastern)

Martel’s at the Capital Hills Golf Course (Light Fare)

Martel’s at OTB (American)

Martin’s (American)

Matt’s Capehouse (Seafood)

Maurice’s Pearl Street Deli (Deli)

Max London’s (Continental)

McGeary’s (Pub Fare)

McGuire’s (American)



Mercato’s Pizzeria & Restaurant (Italian)

Metro 20 Diner (Diner)

Mexican Connection (Mexican/Southwestern)

Mexican Radio (Mexican/Southwestern)

Mezza Notte (Northern Italian)

Mezzaluna Café & Bistro (Light Fare)

Michael’s Lounge (Pub Fare)

Midtown Tap & Tea Room (Continental)

Mike’s Diner (Diner)

Milano (Northern Italian)

Mild Wally’s (Light Fare)

Mill on Round Lake (Pub Fare)

Miss Albany Diner (Diner)

Miyako (Japanese)

MOD Gourmet Café (Light Fare)

Mohonk Mountain House (Continental)

Montcalm Restaurant (American)

Moon & River Café (Vegetarian)

Morrette’s King Steak House (American)

Moscatiello’s Italian Restaurant (Italian)

Mrs. London’s (Light Fare)

Muddy Cup Coffee House—Albany (Coffee Bar)

Muddy Cup Coffee House—Schenectady (Coffee Bar)

Muddy’s (Pub Fare)

Muza (Polish)

My Linh (Vietnamese)

My Way Café (Italian)

^ Bacn to Top


New Madison Grille (Italian)

New World Bistro Bar (American)

New World Home Cooking’s Fish and Barbecue Barn (American)


Nicole’s Restaurant (Northern Italian)

Nottingham Chop House & Pub (American)

^ Bacn to Top


O’Brien’s at the Garden Grill (Pub Fare)

Old Mill (American)

Olde Bryan Inn (American)

Olde Shaker Inn (Continental)

O’Leary’s Pub & Grill (Pub Fare)

Olive Garden (Italian)

Oliver’s (Diner)


One Caroline Street Bistro (American)

One One One (American)

Orchard Tavern (American)

Otis & Oliver’s (Barbecue)

O’Toole’s Restaurant Pub-Colonie (American)

O’Toole’s Restaurant Pub-Queensbury (American)

^ Bacn to Top


Palmer House Café (American)

Pancho’s Mexican Restaurant—Clifton Park (Mexican/Southwestern)

Pancho’s Mexican Restaurant—Colonie (Mexican/Southwestern)

Pangaea (American)

Panza’s (Northern Italian)

Paolo Lombardi’s (Italian)

Parillo’s Armory Grill (Italian)

Park 19 Cookies (Light Fare)

Parting Glass (Irish)

Pasquale’s (Italian)

Peaches Café (Light Fare)

Pearl of the Orient (Chinese)

Pennell’s (Italian)

Pepper Jack’s Sandwich Creations (American)

Perfect Blend (Coffee Bar)

Persico’s Market (Deli)

Peter Pause (Light Fare)



Petta’s (Italian)

Philly Bar & Grill (Pub Fare)

Phoenicians Restaurant (Middle Eastern)

Pillars (Continental)

Pinhead Susan’s (Pub Fare)

Plum Blossom Restaurant (Chinese)

Portside American Diner (Italian)

Prime at Saratoga National (American)

Prime Italian Steakhouse & Bar (Italian)

Primo’s Restaurant at the Inn at Saratoga (American)

Professor Java’s Coffee Sanctuary (Coffee Bar)

Professor M. Barley’s (Pub Fare)

Prospect Restaurant (Continental)

Provence (French)

Publik House Pub and Restaurant (American)

Purple Pub (American)

Putnam Market (Light Fare)

Putnam’s (American)

^ Bacn to Top


Quintessence (American)

^ Bacn to Top


Raindancer Restaurant (American)

Ramona’s Cafe (Diner)

Ravenous (International)

Ravenswood Pub (Pub Fare)

Recovery Room Sports Grill—Albany (American)

Recovery Room Sports Grill—Troy (American)

Red Dot (American)

Red Front Restaurant (Italian)

Red Lion Inn (American)

Reel Seafood Co. (Seafood)

Reluctant Panther (Continental)

Ripe Tomato American Grill (American)


Ristorante Paradiso (Italian)

Rita’s Lebanese Café (Middle Eastern)

River Street Café (Continental)

Riverfront Bar and Grill (American)

Rock Hill Bakehouse Café (Coffee Bar)

Romano’s Macaroni Grill (Italian)

Rose and Kettle (American)

Rouge (French)

Route 7 Diner (Diner)

Roy’s Restaurant and Groceries (Caribbean)

Rusty Anchor (American)

Rusty Nail Grill & Tavern (Pub Fare)

Ryan’s Wake Pub (Pub Fare)

^ Bacn to Top


Sagamore Dining Room (Continental)

Sake Café (Pan-Asian)

Salsa Latina (Mexican/Southwestern)

Salty’s Pub & Bistro (American)

Sam’s Italian-American Famous Restaurant (Italian)

Saratoga Diner (Diner)

Savannah’s (American)

Scarboroughs (American)

Scotti’s Restaurant and Pizzeria (Italian)

Scratch Bakery Café (Light Fare)

Scrimshaw (Continental)

Sedgwick Inn and Restaurant (International)

Shalimar (Indian/Pakistani)

Shalimar Restaurant—Clifton Park (Indian/Pakistani)

Shalimar Restaurant—Delmar (Indian/Pakistani)

Shining Rainbow Restaurant (Chinese)

Silo (American)

Simpson’s (American)

Sitar (Indian/Pakistani)

Siver Hills Restaurant and Banquet House (Continental)

Slick’s Restaurant (Light Fare)



Smith’s Tavern (Pub Fare)

Smokey Bones BBQ & Grill (Barbecue)

Soho Wraps and Salads (Light Fare)

South End Tavern (American)

Sperry’s (Continental)

Spill ‘n the Beans Coffeehouse & Bistro (Coffee Bar)

Spinners Pizza (Pub Fare)

Stadium Cafe (American)

Stagecoach Coffee (Coffee Bar)

Standard Restaurant & Lounge (American)

Steve’s Place (Diner)

Stockade Inn (American)

Sukhothai (Thai)

Sunset Café (Mexican/Southwestern)

Sushi House (Japanese)

Sushi King (Japanese)

Sushi Thai Garden—Saratoga (Thai)

Sushi Thai—Clifton Park (Thai)

Sutter’s Mill & Mining Co. (Pub Fare)

Sutton’s Marketplace Café (American)

^ Bacn to Top


Tai Pan (Chinese)

Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant (Indian/Pakistani)

Ta-ke Japanese Steak House (Japanese)

Tandoor Palace (Indian/Pakistani)

Taste of Greece (Mediterranean)

Taste of Poland (Polish)

Teagan’s Steak and Seafood Restaurant (American)

Terminal Tavern (American)

Tesoro (Northern Italian)

Testo’s (Italian)

TGI Friday’s-Clifton Park (American)

TGI Friday’s—Saratoga (American)

TGI Friday’s-Stuyvesant Plaza (American)

Tiznow (International)

TJ’s Café (American)

Toll Gate (Light Fare)

Tops American Grill, Bakery & Bar (Diner)

Trader Ed’s Nautical Pub & Restaurant (Seafood)

Trattoria Il Vesuvio (Italian)

Trattoria Rustica (Italian)

Truc Orient Express (Vietnamese)

Turf Tavern (American)

Tuscan’s Grill (American)

^ Bacn to Top


Ultraviolet Café (Coffee Bar)

Uncommon Grounds—Albany (Coffee Bar)

Uncommon Grounds—Saratoga Springs (Coffee Bar)


Uno Chicago Grill—Crossgates (American)

Uno Chicago Grill—Latham (American)

Uno Chicago Grill—Saratoga Springs (American)

^ Bacn to Top


V&R Restaurant (Northern Italian)

Van Dyck (American)

Van’s Vietnamese Restaurant (Vietnamese)

Verdile’s (Italian)

Via Fresca (Deli)


Vico Restaurant & Bar (Northern Italian)

Victory Café (American)

Villa Italia Pasticceria (Coffee Bar)

Villa Valenti (Italian)

Villa Valenti Pub (Pub Fare)

Village Pizzeria & Ristorante (Italian)

^ Bacn to Top


Washington Tavern (Pub Fare)

Water’s Edge (American)

Water’s Edge Lighthouse (Italian)

Wheat Fields (Northern Italian)

Whistling Kettle (Light Fare)

Wine Bar (American)


Wine Bar & Bistro (French)

Wine ‘n’ Diner (Diner)

Winslow’s (American)

Wishing Well (Continental)

Wolf Road Diner (Diner)

Wolff’s Biergarten (German)

Wunderbar and Bistro (Continental)

^ Bacn to Top


Xicohtencatl (Mexican/Southwestern)

^ Bacn to Top


Yellow Rock Café at Indian Ladder Farms (Light Fare)

Yip’s (Chinese)

Yono’s (International)

^ Bacn to Top


Zaika (Indian/Pakistani)

Zwicklbauer’s Hofbrau (German)

^ Bacn to Top

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