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20th Century Fox

Planet of the Apes Marathon

by The Staff October 22, 2015


  Back in 1967, producer Arthur P. Jacobs had two films in production at 20th Century-Fox. One of them was a musical spectacular that he knew would be a smash; the other was a medium-budget sci-fi ...

GE Theatre at Proctors

Super Failure

by David King August 13, 2015


  Director Josh Trank shouldn’t take all the blame for the cinematic atrocity that is Fantastic Four. No, we all should. Spend the hour and 40 or so minutes actually watching the movie and it quickly ...


Holiday Gift Guide: Blu-ray/DVD

by Shawn Stone December 12, 2013


  The drought of catalog titles on home video ended this year, as the studios either started issuing their own editions again or licensed them to boutique labels. Some did both: Fox issued a lovely Blu-ray ...

Gift Guide: Video

by Shawn Stone December 6, 2012


  First, before we get into the really super stuff for the cinephile in your life, a consumer alert: The retail chains are offering some insane price reductions this holiday season. Wander through Best Buy, and ...