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Burden of Dreams

by Shawn Stone October 15, 2015

  The most popular movies today use all the technical wizardry available to create worlds that exist only in the imagination. In The Walk, Robert Zemeckis uses Hollywood’s CGI paintbrush to re-create the twin towers of ...



by Shawn Stone May 2, 2012


When is the fighting going to start? That’s the question that pops into one’s head when settling in to watch a Jason Statham movie. Statham is the preeminent action star of our day, with a cinematic ...

Going Nowhere

by Laura Leon January 26, 2012


The ridiculous notion that there’s such a thing as closure drives so much of our pop culture that’s it difficult to find anybody willing to admit that, for some things, there just isn’t any pat ...

A Shared Humanity

by Kathryn Geurin September 8, 2011


The mention of teen and tween YouTube videos likely conjures thoughts of hairbrush karaoke or daredevil stunts. It probably doesn’t evoke visions of a poised, charismatic young woman unfurling an evocative creation myth for a ...

Making Sense of It All

by Shawn Stone September 8, 2011


You don’t have to look up the institution’s authorizing legislation to grasp that the New York State Museum is tasked with a broad cultural and educational mandate. A walk through the museum itself, with its ...

New York State Museum

Look Back in Sorrow

by Shawn Stone September 8, 2011


Do you remember where you were when the World Trade Center was attacked?  Do you remember how you felt? Marie Triller does, and can speak about it in a way that brings that terrible day to ...