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abstract art

Julie Evans

by The Staff November 8, 2012

  We love abstract art. We love the emotional impact of colors and shapes; we love the sense of direct communication that transcends the familiar. So, naturally, we’re drawn to the exhibit of new abstract work ...

John Davis Gallery

Man at Work

by Shawn Stone August 8, 2012


  If you close your eyes, it sounds like a plasterer or carpenter at work. “It” is a slow, steady, dragging sound across a textured surface, punctuated with a loud “thwack!” This is a movie, however, ...

Material Occupation

by The Staff February 1, 2012


There still are a fair number of people who mistrust abstract art because they can’t relate to it. The artists who contributed to Material Occupation, an exhibit of abstract opening this week at the University ...

University Art Museum