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Adam Ezra Group

Jubilee Riots, Adam Ezra Group

by The Staff November 21, 2014

  Having honed and expanded their sound since forming in 1996, Enter the Haggis--originally a kind of Celtic jam band—recently decided that name no longer fit their more eclectic folk-world-fusion sound. So they renamed themselves Jubilee ...

Putnam Den


by The Staff November 13, 2013


  It’s always Halloween at a Gwar show. (See left.) Check them out tonight (Thursday) at Upstate Concert Hall (7:30 PM, $20, 371-0012). . . . From Steve Earle’s band, Allison Moorer will play Club Helsinki ...

Adam Ezra Group, Moon Boot Lover

by The Staff August 15, 2013

  It’s always good to see Peter Prince back in action. Since the ’90s, Prince has been the one and only Moon Boot Lover, his chosen footwear becoming as iconic as the psych-blues riffs splintering off ...

Putnam Den