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AFI 100

Dr. Strangelove

by The Staff September 10, 2015


  A funny thing happened around the time Stanley Kubrick’s black comedy Dr. Strangelove, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb celebrated its 50th anniversary last year: Eric Schlosser wrote an article ...

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Art Beat

by Shawn Stone June 5, 2014


REDRUM REDRUM  Tonight (Thursday, June 5), a presentation by game developer and film blogger Kevin McLeod (mstrmnd) will address these questions posed by the good folks at Basilica Hudson: “Is The Shining much more than ...

Art Beat

by Shawn Stone March 20, 2014


  MOVIES MOVIES MOVIES  This edition of Ye Olde Art Beat should more properly be called Ye Olde Movie Beat. There are an amazing variety of excellent films screening around the region this week. Tonight (Thursday, March ...

Art Beat

by Shawn Stone October 10, 2013

  SAVING UPSTATE AMERICA ONE FARM AT A TIME, VIA ART  This weekend is the 12th Annual Landscapes for Landsake Art Exhibition at Maple Ridge Farm in Coila. (If you haven’t heard of Coila, it’s more-or-less ...

The Jazz Singer

by The Staff July 25, 2013


  It wasn’t the first all-talking feature, and it wasn’t even Warner Bros.’ (or star Al Jolson’s) biggest hit from the dawn of sound, but it’s an essential American film. The Jazz Singer originally electrified audiences, ...


The French Connection

by The Staff June 28, 2013


  William Friedkin’s quintessential 1970s crime thriller, which will be shown Monday (July 1) in the GE Theatre, is the latest offering in Proctors ongoing AFI 100 film series. Gene Hackman won an Oscar for his performance ...

GE Theatre at Proctors

Art Beat

by Shawn Stone May 1, 2013


  TULIP TIME, ALMOST  Though I know you’re excited, Tulip Fest is a week away. Still, it seems worthwhile to make sure a new addition to Tulip Fest is brought to your attention now. And it ...

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Art Beat

by Shawn Stone January 23, 2013

thumb_Connie Houde-1

  MYTHBUSTING  Connie Frisbee Houde, the photographer who has done so much to give us a window into life in Afghanistan over the last decade of endless war, now turns her lens on West Africa. Her ...

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Art Beat

by Shawn Stone January 10, 2013


  GALLERY SEEKS ARTISTS, PROPOSALS  The Lake George Arts Project is seeking “regional and national, emerging and established artists” to send their exhibition proposals to the Courthouse Gallery. They will give preference to “experimental or non-traditional” ...

Swing Time

by The Staff December 27, 2012


  The AFI 100 film series—a selection of 100 great movies chosen by the American Film Institute—continues this New Year’s Eve at the GE Theatre at Proctors with a title featuring one of the screen’s greatest ...

GE Theatre at Proctors