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Albany Chickens

Flock Together

by Erin Pihlaja August 21, 2013


Dominique, a heritage hen, was one of many different breeds of chickens on show during the Troy Tour de Coop event on Sunday (Aug. 18). Her owners, Anne Marie Haber and Mitch Cohen, hosted one ...

Kicking and Squawking

by Laurie Lynn Fischer April 20, 2011

More than a dozen people spoke in favor of legalizing the keeping of hens before the Albany Common Council’s Law Committee on April 14. The committee dedicated an hour and a ...

Playing Chicken

by Jason Chura April 14, 2011

The Albany Chicken Coalition, led by Michael Guidice and Jen Pursley, was started after the couple’s eight-bird coop was shut down by the city last year. According to Guidice, chickens are an important part of ...

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