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Albany City School District

Sound Turned Down

by Molly Eadie June 13, 2013

Bess Zafran, a junior at Albany High School, stood singing in the rain at the entrance of Pine Hills Elementary last Thursday (June 6). In one hand, she held a broken umbrella with rainbow polka ...

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Making the Grade

by Darryl McGrath May 22, 2013


  A year ago, the Albany School Board was on the verge of filling the district's two most high-profile positions: those of superintendent and principal of Albany High School. Even the district's staunchest defenders—and they're out ...

School House Switch

by Erin Pihlaja October 25, 2012


  The Philip Livingston Magnet Academy, formerly known as Philip Livingston Junior High, has seen better days. Named after Philip Livingston, who signed the Declaration of Independence, the building has been called a “centerpiece” of the ...

Principal Commitment

by Darryl McGrath June 27, 2012


Urban school districts have long aimed to grow their own talent, by enticing gifted young teachers who graduated from local schools back home to start their careers and—more importantly—stay for a long-term commitment.ÊAlbany Public Schools ...

Can I See Some I.D.?

by Miriam Axel-Lute May 24, 2012


  When Kristen Eck of Delaware Avenue, Albany, went to vote on the school budget last week, she took note of the signs saying ID was required. So did one of the people behind her in ...



by Darryl McGrath May 16, 2012

  In an era when even affluent school districts in New York no longer consider it a given that their budgets will pass, the Albany School Board had good reason this week to give a heartfelt ...

Run This School System

by Darryl McGrath May 10, 2012

The selection of a superintendent is the most arduous task any school board faces, and so it is with optimism and also some trepidation that the Albany School Board gets ready to meet the candidates. Twenty-six ...

School’s Out . . . Of Money

by Darryl McGrath March 29, 2012

When the Albany School Board members gather for tonight’s meeting (Thursday, March 29), they will face a task that board President Dan Egan calls painful and even sickening: deciding how many people will lose their ...