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Albany Institute of History & Art

Triple Play

by The Staff February 5, 2015


  It may be subzero outside, but the Albany Institute of History & Art is thinking spring with Triple Play, a trio of new baseball-themed exhibits opening this weekend. Baseball: America’s Game is traveling exhibit drawn from ...

Albany Institute of History & Art

Artistic Identities

by Ann Morrow January 29, 2015


  In The Lives of Hamilton Fish, a film by New York City artist and songwriter Rachel Mason, a politician named Hamilton Fish is linked by fate to a criminal also named Hamilton Fish. Mason, who ...

Albany Institute of History & Art

Art Beat

by Shawn Stone November 26, 2014

  HOLIDAY IN ALBANY  If you’ve lived in Albany long enough, you probably remember fondly the annual Festival of Trees at the Albany Institute of History & Art (125 Washington Ave., Albany). That fest isn’t back, ...

2014 Exhibition by Artists of the Mohawk-Hudson Region

by The Staff September 25, 2014


    One of the most eagerly anticipated art shows of the year is the annual Mohawk-Hudson regional, established in 1936. The juror for this year’s edition—which opens Saturday at the Albany Institute of History & Art—is ...

Albany Institute of History & Art

A Night at the Museum

by The Staff March 6, 2014

  No, we’re not highlighting a screening of the Ben Stiller comedy (or its sequel); this is a special free family program tomorrow (Friday) at the Albany Institute of History & Art. Not surprisingly, the theme is ...

Albany Institute of History & Art

Egyptian for a Day

by The Staff October 17, 2013


  For decades, the Albany Institute of History & Art has brought a bit of Egypt to Albany with its mummy exhibit. The museum’s upcoming family program, Egyptian for a Day, features a day full of ...

Albany Institute of History & Art

It Lives!

by Ann Morrow September 26, 2013


  Ankhefenmut is on the loose. The 3,000-year-old mummy, once a priest and sculptor at the Temple of Mut, has apparently escaped from the Ancient Egyptian gallery at the Albany Institute of History & Art. And ...

The Legacy of Currier & Ives

by The Staff February 7, 2013


  There’s something wistful and evocative about the work of 19th-century printmakers Nathaniel Currier and James Merritt Ives. They took painted images of American life (often historical or bucolic in nature) and turned them into cheaply ...

Albany Institute of History & Art

AIHA Holiday Gift Fair

by The Staff November 20, 2012

  Old timers will remember the Albany Institute of History & Art’s annual Festival of Trees, an event which was magical, wonderful and—thanks to size of the crowds—often just a little bit insane. The festival was ...

Albany Institute of History & Art

The Eternal Return

by The Staff August 23, 2012


The Eternal Return: Portraits by Stephanie Rose will be the first solo museum exhibition by the acclaimed abstract painter. The show will include 23 portraits of “distinguished poets, novelists, art critics, filmmakers, photographers, performers, art ...

Albany Institute of History & Art

Politics, Visible

by Meisha Rosenberg July 11, 2012


This year’s regional exhibition—the 76th in a robust tradition—feels different from those of previous years. It’s not that some familiar names don’t reappear; it’s that this exhibition held together more and felt like a timely ...

University Art Museum

2012 Artists of the Mohawk Hudson Region

by The Staff June 27, 2012


This juried exhibit of some of the best work by our region’s artists is one of the local scene’s best and most vital ongoing traditions. Sponsored by the University at Albany’s University Art Museum, the ...

University Art Museum

Great, Strange, and Rarely Seen

by The Staff April 11, 2012


The Albany Institute of History & Art has a very large collection. In layman’s terminology, the museum has a lot of stuff. And most of this wonderful “stuff” isn’t on view because adding more space ...

Albany Institute of History & Art

The Museum Issue

by The Staff March 1, 2012


The Adirondack Museum Blue Mountain Lake might seem like it’s in the middle of nowhere, but what it’s really in the middle of—as in right smack in the middle of, geographically—is the Adirondack Park itself. So ...

Gorgeous George

by Ann Morrow February 16, 2012


He was, in his day, bigger than Madonna or Gaga, bigger than the Beatles or Beiber fever, bigger than all the crowned heads of Europe put together (c’mon, how many people could pick King Louis ...

Albany Institute of History & Art

Ben Katchor at the AIHA

by John Rodat April 13, 2011


Cartoonist Ben Katchor’s newest book, The Cardboard Valise, begins with an episode in which a young man takes an inexpensive suitcase on a test run. He has packed the case with “a hundred pounds of ...

Bill Sullivan: A Landscape Artist Rememberd

by The Staff January 12, 2011

Bill Sullivan
Promised Gift of Al Roberts

Last October, the City of Hudson and the greater art world lost a treasured member of the community with the passing of landscape painter Bill Sullivan. An integral part of the New York City artscape in ...

Albany Institute of History & Art