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Albany Public Library

It’s About More Than Books

by Ali Hibbs May 14, 2015

  This Tuesday, May 19, Albany residents will vote on the 2016 library budget—including a small tax increase to cover rising health insurance costs for employees—and choose two new trustees to fill positions on the board ...

Delaware Avenue Street Fair and Garage Sale

by Ann Morrow July 5, 2012

If Lark Street is our Greenwich Village, then it’s fair to say that Delaware Avenue is our Williamsburg. Come and see for yourself on July 7 (Saturday) when the Delaware Avenue merchants group and neighborhood ...


by Darryl McGrath May 16, 2012

  In an era when even affluent school districts in New York no longer consider it a given that their budgets will pass, the Albany School Board had good reason this week to give a heartfelt ...

Set Your TiVos

by Ali Hibbs January 28, 2010

The city of Albany has announced plans for a public access cable television system (including educational and government channels) more than 30 years after neighboring cities such as Schenectady and Bethlehem implemented similar public services. ...