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Amanda Seyfried

The Hideous, the Bad and the Ugly

by John Rodat June 5, 2014


  The plot summation for Seth MacFarlane’s comedy Western, A Million Ways to Die in the West, goes something like this: A cowardly rancher is forced into a showdown with murderous outlaw after he falls for ...

Sex Negative

by Shawn Stone August 15, 2013


  It’s hard to imagine now, when a wide variety of sexual activity is available for your perusal just a few clicks away on the Internet, but watching porn used to be difficult. Most folks had ...

It’s a Small Small Small Small World

by Laura Leon May 30, 2013


  Having been aggressively previewed at kids’ motion pictures for more than a year, and coming as it did on a weekend in which there was pretty much nothing to do except seek out any movie ...


by Ann Morrow January 10, 2013


  It’s not the complete Broadway musical nor is it meant to be, though it has most of the songs (slightly shortened) and comes admirably close to capturing its heartbreaking grandeur. What director Tom Hooper accomplishes ...

Get Lost

by Laura Leon March 1, 2012


Jill, a waitress troubled with fractured memories of having a year earlier been kidnapped and left in a hole in the woods, comes home from her late shift to discover her sister Molly (Emily Wickersham) ...

A Week in the Dark

by Shawn Stone December 14, 2011

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It’s late on a Friday afternoon. Most people are hanging out with friends after work, or they’re making their way home. Maybe they’re already home, preparing dinner or getting ready to go out for the ...

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Pretty Vacant

by Ann Morrow November 3, 2011


The most ominous visual in Andrew Niccol’s sleek new near-future thriller is the way people keep looking at their wrists (but not wristwatches) as if they hadn’t a minute to spare. And in the ghetto, ...

Lost in the Woods

by Ann Morrow March 16, 2011


“Little Red Riding Hood,” the cautionary tale from European folklore, was interpreted by medieval poet Charles Perrault and, more prosaically, by the Brothers Grimm. But those ripe-for-the-retelling fables aren’t much of an influence on Red ...

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