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Around the World

by Paul Rapp July 9, 2015


  A while back I wrote about these hideous lawsuits brought by porn producers against people whose Internet accounts where identified as being used to download porn torrents. It was the ultimate shakedown: They demanded thousands ...

Taylor Swiftboat

by Paul Rapp June 25, 2015


  Apple finally announced that it was going to launch a music streaming service, years too late. Here’s the company that singlehandedly revolutionized the music business 10 years ago with the one-two punch of the iPod ...

Who’s Gonna Pay?

by Paul Rapp October 30, 2014


  When Apple rolled out the iPhone 6 a couple of weeks ago, most of us were too busy running around yelling about the atrocity of having the new U2 album rammed down our throats to ...

I Will Swallow

by Paul Rapp September 18, 2014


  This week let’s tear down without building up. Let’s talk about U2. For years, U2 have been at the forefront of the idiot chatter about the evils of the Internet and downloading music. The band and especially ...


Offa My Cloud (Part Deux)

by Paul Rapp June 29, 2011

I’m in Montreal at the jazz festival (more on that next week), but I’ll put down my breakfast beer just long enough to inform you about the latest doings in the ...

Offa My Cloud

by Paul Rapp May 19, 2011

Everybody’s been talking about the Cloud for some time now. Microsoft, in a series of typically cloying advertisements designed to communicate ideas to folks who aren’t all that bright, has actors proclaiming like so many ...

If It Walks Like a License . . .

by Paul Rapp September 8, 2010

Eminem’s da man. He’s behind a decision that was issued by the federal appeals court in California last Friday that may bring down the record companies entirely. Turns out a lot of musicians are owed ...


by John Rodat February 18, 2010

With the recent Supreme Court reversal of Citizens United v. the Federal Election Commission, which previously restricted the direct financial contributions corporations and unions could make to political campaigns, limiting them to gifting holiday-themed sweaters, ...