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Ellie Ga

by The Staff May 7, 2015


  According to the program notes, artist Ellie Ga’s “multimedia essays are part field dispatch, part artist’s notebook, part home-movie, and part poem.” Ga is at EMPAC beginning tonight for a series of performances. The Fortunetellers is ...


BiPOLAR: Journeys to the Ends of the Earth

by The Staff January 16, 2013


  The Arctic and Antarctic are perpetually in the news, for mostly unhappy reasons. Threatened by oil exploration and other forms of development, and ecologically under siege thanks to the vicissitudes of climate change, the “ends ...

Esther Massry Gallery

Terminal Ennui

by Ann Morrow October 19, 2011


The thing about The Thing is its sustained element of surprise. In John Carpenter’s 1982 cult classic, a palpable sense of dread begins in the very first scenes, when an apparently gone-mad Norwegian pilot runs ...