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The Bar Guide

by The Staff September 4, 2014


  Metroland Bar Guide Fall 2014 Welcome to the Metroland Bar Guide. The list below was compiled by editorial staff from a variety of sources, including forms returned by the establishments themselves; any sentence or phrase surrounded ...

An Earlier Last Call?

by Thomas Dimopoulos May 3, 2012

  A dozen bars and late-night eateries crowd the sidewalk of Caroline Street in Saratoga Springs. It is here, where live late-night music and the neon glow of taverns spill onto the narrow streets, where Christian ...

Cutting the Night Short

by Laurie Lynn Fischer January 19, 2011

It’s 4 AM on Sunday morning at Blue 82, and the loud crowd is still going strong as the lights come on. “Things start late in this town,” says Mike Ripley, owner of the Pearl Street ...