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Bear Grass

B3nson Presents: 7th Annual Funsgiving

by The Staff November 21, 2014


  Seven awesome bands, two favorite venues, one kickass show! What more could you possibly be thankful for? Well, sure. . . . family and health and all that. But Funsgiving might just be the next ...

Pauly's Hotel

Ton Lokal: Seasons Change

by Timothy Reidy November 6, 2014


  Late Summer is always a different time of year for music in this area; the last summer shows commence and day festivals pop up. Restoration Festival kept it pretty much local this past year, and ...

Ton Lokal: What Cabin Fever?

by Timothy Reidy February 14, 2014


  I started off the year downstate at Pianos on Jan. 2 and saw a few bands of local interest, Woof Woof and Florist. It was a nice snowy way to start the year. When I got ...


by The Staff February 13, 2014


  Bear Grass will “ooze newness” at Putnam Den tonight with Hollows (Thursday, 9:30 PM, free, 584-8066). . . . Celebrate Valentine’s day with Robert Randolph and the Family Band at Bearsville Theater on Friday (9 ...