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Lions & Tigers & Bears

by The Staff November 13, 2014


  The new photography exhibit at the Berkshire Museum looks at three “apex predators” through the lenses of three National Geographic photographers. Michael “Nick” Nichols trains his camera on lions; Steve Winter focuses on tigers; and ...

Berkshire Museum

Smarter Than Your Average Documentary

by Laura Leon April 24, 2014


  When I was a kid there were nature films showing at the theater a few times a year. These were horrid events, very dry and hardly entertaining, unless you were a budding veterinarian. (I was ...

Here, Kitty Kitty

by Ann Morrow May 4, 2011


“My cats” is how Terry Brumfield describes the two 500-pound lions he keeps in his ramshackle backyard. But despite the fact that Brumfield, a disabled truck driver, raised them by hand, bottle-feeding the cubs in ...