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Between the Buried and Me

The Major Lift

by David King April 13, 2011

I’m sorry folks, but I can’t do it this month. Mundane alterna-gutter-scraping releases by the Foo Fighters and the Strokes have left me a bit despondent.Why do they bother? If you’ve read my previous reviews ...

Thomas Giles

by David King January 19, 2011

Apparently, no one told Between the Buried and Me frontman Tommy Rogers that a passable Roger Waters impression is not a strong enough base for an album. Pulse, his second solo record, released under ...

Highly Improbable

by David King February 4, 2010

Between the Buried and Me shouldn’t rock like they do. They shouldn’t send crowds surging forward with fists in the air, in thunderous storms of noise. They are too complex; they don’t have the proper ...