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Bob Dylan

We’re Still Missing This One

by Ali Hibbs August 27, 2015


  Legendary producer Bob Johnston died earlier this month. This is an excerpt from my online book bobjohnstonbook.com. Now that Johnny Cash and Bob are no longer with is, maybe Columbia will finally release this extraordinary ...


Thanks for the Memories

by The Staff November 6, 2014

Bob Dylan, Albany, NY, 4/28/80 [outside Wellington Hotel at 3 AM]

  Caroline MotherJudge, singer-songwriter, owner of North Albany Rehearsal Studios So many great musical memories: almost being kidnapped from the QE2 by GG Allin; “kissing the door troll” Mike Tyson, also at the Q; breakfast at Dirty ...

It Takes a Worried Man

by Shawn Stone January 16, 2014


  Folk singer Llewyn Davis (Oscar Isaac) is having a bad week. A really bad week. The Coen brothers’ latest film opens with the title character giving an excellent performance of a moving, traditional folk ballad ...

Bob Dylan, My Morning Jacket, Wilco

by The Staff July 18, 2013


  Despite its cringe-inducing title, the Americanarama Festival of Music is one of the more creative national-touring mega-bills to come along in some time. As the dubious genre “Americana” rises to mainstream dominance, the tour attempts ...

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