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The Question Man

by Ali Hibbs May 7, 2015


  “Bob Barker used a Sony ECM-51 on The Price Is Right,” says Joe Bellacosa of his favorite game-show host. “I got the Superscope EC-12B. The one used by Gene Rayburn on The Match Game. Nobody ...

Bombers Burrito Bar

Whose Idea Was This Anyway?

by E.S. Cormac August 21, 2013


“Who made the decision to allow Bombers to stay open during the demolition?” City Councilman Dean Bodnar (R-District 3) asked during last Thursday’s (Aug. 15) Troy Public Safety Meeting. “That was my decision,” said Troy Fire ...

Being Matt Baumgartner

by Erin Pihlaja September 27, 2012


  When local restaurateur Matt Baumgartner announced that he was launching a clothing line, there seemed to be two distinct reactions among people who knew him. The first was unquestioning acceptance, as in: “Sure. Why not?” ...