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C. Ryder Cooley


by The Staff March 13, 2013


  What words come to mind when you think of the epic and the dreamy, or even the fun? If your answer is any combination of live music, aerial performance, video projections and taxidermy, then you ...

Club Helsinki


by The Staff May 30, 2012


“Ki yi yippi yi yea!” Saddle up, little pards, and mosey on over to Time & Space Limited: Linda Mussmann and Claudia Bruce are fixin’ to join forces with performance artist C. Ryder Cooley this weekend ...

Time and Space Limited

War, Material and Lies Part II

by The Staff September 7, 2011


Following up on its 2008 exhibit, Time & Space Limited will open War: Material and Lies Part II this weekend. As the gallery notes explain, this is part of “a series dedicated to thinking about ...

Time and Space Limited