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Bad Faith

by John Rodat June 19, 2014


  Look, I’m not heartless, OK? I cry at those seasonal McDonald’s commercials, just like everybody else; and that one episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air? I’m not a monster. But Precocious Kids With Cancer ...

Readin’, Ritin’, Radiation

by Michael Bielawski May 22, 2014


  Last Dec. 10, the Troy City School District Board of Education approved an $8.4 million technology initiative that includes installing wireless Internet in 250 classrooms. The move echoed a $10 million initiative at Shenendehowa School ...


Love Hurts

by Shawn Stone February 10, 2014


  The trailer for The Broken Circle Breakdown, a Belgian musical drama nominated for this year’s Best Foreign Language Film, neatly suggests the depths of passion, love and anger the film explores. But only suggests: This ...

Life Lessons

by Laura Leon October 6, 2011


A movie about dying, especially dying young, can be a hard sell. Everybody loves Brian’s Song, but it’s not exactly the film you want to watch to get your mind off your troubles at work. ...